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Off-topic / Chun said F2Pool don't support Segwit2x
« on: November 02, 2017, 12:06:11 am »
China Fishing Pool F2Pool no longer supports the controversial expansion of the Segwit2x expansion.

Although this proposal has received the support of many large bitcoin companies and most of the mines, many argue that their goal is to increase the likelihood of bitcoin with a sawmill, a mechanism that could This leads to the separation of the cryptocurrency into separate blockchain networks.

Stress is high with developers discussing the success of the hard-hitting movement (a grassroots movement has also risen in opposition), although this change is not intended more than two months.

Although F2Pool was the original signatory of the deal, operator Wang Chun is now among those who hinder the proposal.

In an email, Chun told CoinDesk:

"No, I do not support Segwit2x hard drive."

Chun further added that F2Pool did not run Segwit2x, BTC1, for the first part of the deal, as mining mines focused around optimizing the code for the long-term Segregated Witness (SegWit).
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Representatives from Segwit2x were absent immediately to comment on whether mining records warned the rest of the group or formally withdrawn from the deal.

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