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Mining / Forex demo accounts
« on: July 31, 2018, 02:57:34 pm »
Forex demo accounts have some pros and cons together. A novice trader should take the lead in a gradual process with caution and caution enough to avoid risk and have control over his emotions and emotions. To be a successful trader, a user of these demo accounts may take a great risk by using virtual funds And succeed in this risk and make profits will increase self-confidence in an exaggerated manner and when trading with the use of the account and funds really may risk the same more reckless as a result of excessive confidence in himself and his decisions, which may occur in real risks produced A lot of losses so beware of caution and caution of the difference between trading with a real account and real money and trading with an imaginary account and fake funds
The currency must be traded in an Islamic way and secure and provide the Forex company all the services and requirements required by the investor and be trading in a safe manner and withdrawals are easy, fast and immediate in order to be this company already one of the best licensed currency trading companies in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world also In the directory of Forex companies in Arinsen we have brought you the best Forex companies that provide Islamic accounts and then we compare them to get the best Forex company that has Islamic accounts and provides the best trading advantages. All companies choose the best among them according to the advantages of each company.
افضل شركات التداول
شركة فوركس
تعلم تداول العملات
 شرح منصة التداول
Note: this website is still only in Arabic language

Mining / Forex market
« on: July 30, 2018, 04:25:04 pm »
When you decide to trade in the Forex market and after the learning stage, the first thing you have to do is to search for a reliable Forex company to start trading with it or what is known as a brokerage company and you open a trading account, but be careful you choose the best currency trading company to be safe trading, and then You analyze the market and analyze currencies, whether the dollar or the euro ... etc and enter your deals in the hope of benefiting from the movements of prices and to benefit from the currency teams, and the best currency trading company licensed in Saudi Arabia are companies that you deal with them on Islamic law and be licensed from the largest bodies Supervisory in
So you can start in Forex you have to search for the best licensed currency trading company in Saudi Arabia, and then open a new trading account with the company and shipping the account with the balance required to invest $ 10 or $ 500 or $ 50000 depending on the budget available to you and most companies provide different payment methods including Visa Or MasterCard or bank transfer or payment through electronic banks, and after opening the account and the work of deposit you enter the trading platform or trading board and start to open the first page of selling and buying currencies and follow the results of the transaction whether winning or loss
افضل مواقع التداول عبر الانترنت
شركة فوركس
شركات التداول المرخصة في السعودية
شركات تداول العملات
Note: this website is still only in Arabic language

Mining / The licensed trading companies in Saudi Arabia
« on: July 26, 2018, 06:51:06 pm »
The licensed trading companies in Saudi Arabia are the companies that do not play tricks on people in the name of tempting offers such as tempting to manage your portfolio in return for profit guaranteed and take a percentage of profit or a very big bonus, these companies do not allow the fake draw and then ignore you and invoke taxes and fees and management fees and the best documented Forex companies Is a company that has comprehensive integrated services in the field of trading in all currencies, which provide a lot of methods of withdrawal and deposit and allow the different types of trading and the number of couples in the platform and the platforms of the company and the type of the Spanish each of us special requirements, but there are some advantages which are Which is the most sought after by traders and should be searched for by every trader who trades in Forex so that he is comfortable in his trading.
The trading companies in Saudi Arabia, which are classified as the best currency trading companies are companies that hold very strong licenses in the field of trading as the strength of licensing is the most important measure in companies engaged in the electronic trading of currencies, gold, shares, oil and minerals and carry the best trading companies in Saudi Arabia some characteristics Which we can if we find these qualities in a particular company to say that it is the best currency trading company and there are many advantages that are classified as being in the best trading companies each of us own requirements and advantages that he sees as the best and wants to be present before
سوق العملات
تداول الاموال عبر الانترنت
حساب التداول عبر الإنترنت
شركات تداول العملات في الامارات
Note: this website is still only in Arabic language

Marketing / Automax
« on: June 25, 2018, 09:22:54 pm »
معارض السيارات

يقدم موقع  أتومكس    " يمكنك تخطي هذه الخطوة إذا لم يكن لديك صفقة. إذا قمت بذلك ، تابع القراءة.

من المهم الحصول على قيمة متاجرة سيارتك الحالية قبل الذهاب إلى الوكالة. سيساعد هذا على تحديد توقعاتك لما تستحقه السيارة ويمنحك نقطة مرجعية لأي عروض ستتلقاها. أفضل طريقة للحصول على قيمة مداوليتك هي استخدام تطبيق على هاتف ذكي أو جهاز لوحي. تجعل هذه الأجهزة من السهل الجلوس في السيارة والتأكد مرة أخرى مما إذا كان لديك خيارات يمكن أن تؤثر على قيمة السيارة - ميزات مثل المقاعد المسخنة أو فتحة السقف. كن صادقا حول حالة سيارتك. تقع معظم السيارات في فئة "نظيفة" أو "عادلة". عدد قليل جدا من السيارات "المعلقة" ، بغض النظر عن مدى اصحابها لهم.

عندما تنتهي من التقييم ، سترى ثلاثة أرقام. قيمة المتاجرة هي ما قد يقدمه لك التاجر - وهذا رقم يجب تذكره عندما تكون في الوكالة. قيمة الطرف الخاص هي ما قد تتوقع الحصول عليه إذا كنت تبيع السيارة بنفسك. تختلف قيمة تاجر التجزئة قليلاً: وهو ما قد تتوقع دفعه للسيارة إذا كنت ستشتري سيارة مستعملة مماثلة في إحدى الوكالات.
يقدم موقع  أتومكس Automax
هناك بديل للتداول في سيارة أو بيعها بنفسك: هل لديك بائع تجزئة للسيارات المستعملة مثل تقييم السيارة وتجعلك عرضًا. العرض جيد لمدة سبعة أيام ، وعند هذه النقطة يمكنك أن تطلب من الموزع أن يتغلب على هذا السعر أو يمكنك بيع سيارتك القديمة إلى.

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