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adidas Ultra Boost has always had a seat in running shoes with its foot feel and excellent footing.Status, the previous exposure of this shoe will be combined with Undefeated to reflect the adidas' emphasis on this shoe. Recently, a new color scheme has been released. The upcoming model is based on the US team. The Adidas Ultra Boost USA is equipped with a royal blue Primeknit upper. The laces are similar in blue and the upper is a classic white 3-stripe logo. The lining is made of red and forms a strong contrast with the upper.

As Air Max Day approaches, the new Jordans 2019 Shoes are constantly being released. Recently, American professional football star Odell Beckham Jr exposed a new Nike Air Max 720 on Instagram, which attracted attention. In the shade of different shades of green, highlighting the color level, the eye-catching index can not be underestimated. The upper is made of flip-flops, mesh and leather. The air cushion unit is exactly the same as the Nike Air Max 720 just launched, offering a good feel. Different from the regular shoes, it is also equipped with shoes on the inside of the upper, which is full of playfulness. Followed by the fur cover Logo uses hot pressing technology, whether this color is exclusive to the individual.

Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 Although it didn't take long to launch, the color of the coquettish is quite a lot. Recently, Air Jordan Sneakers are two new color schemes, in addition to the fancy color scheme, the special packaging that is very interesting, and the childhood theme full of memories. A yellow, orange, and green embellishment with a natural white background and fluorescent tones, inspired by the Super Soaker. Previously, the special packaging version of the player's passage was admitted. It can be seen that the way to tie the shoes to the cardboard is also intended to imitate the toy packaging. The printed cardboard is also printed with the introduction text of Why Not Zer0.2. The other color scheme is mainly gray and white, with red and green embellishments. It is quite technical and inspired by the game console Game, which everyone is very familiar with. In addition to restoring the color scheme, the shoe box is almost the same as the appearance of the Game Boy. The green display part presents the personal logo of Wei Shao. The shoe also comes with a hangtag in the shape of a game cassette, which makes the tribute more vivid.

Franko Discussion / BQ6472-001 Air Jordan 1 Mid Black
« on: February 10, 2019, 06:56:11 am »
In the past two months, the new color of the Air Jordan 1 Mid has emerged in an endless stream. Many of them are excellent products with outstanding value. Recently, they have created a pair of pure black but unusually luxurious new colors for girls. Air Jordan 1 Mid Black is based on pure black. The highlight is that the black upper is covered with a large area of ​​black glitter. With high-quality leather, it not only enhances the layering, but also adds a luxurious temperament to the whole pair of shoes.

As the NBA All-Star Weekend approaches, Nike Sneakers is also taking the opportunity to launch more shoes with Charlotte color matching. Recently, we have welcomed a new color Nike Air Max 98 exposure. Nike Air Max 98 is under the pure white leather upper, with lake green leather and purple matte leather, which highlights the elegance and elegance of the Charlotte Hornets. In response, the mid-air Air Max air cushion and outsole are presented in the same color. In order to make the overall color scheme more layered, it also uses brown, light purple and light blue to embellish the details.

In October last year, BespokeIND, a well-known sneaker custom team, 2019 Sneakers Release created a Nike React Element 87 ACG with a grape-purple color. Although it has a speculative price of $2,400, it is still sold out quickly. Recently, the shoe custom team BespokeIND inspired this design and launched two new color schemes. The retro-inspired body is crafted from the ultimate in luxury materials such as calfskin, suede, kangaroo and deerskin, while the iconic React midsole remains unchanged.

Franko Discussion / CD2720-400 Air Jordan 5 JSP Laney
« on: February 01, 2019, 07:18:29 am »
The yellow and blue color scheme of his alma mater, Lenny High School, has always been one of the popular dresses in the Air Jordan series. This year's first pair of Air Jordan 5 is this "Laney" color scheme, which will be released tomorrow morning, and the official website has been online. Air Jordan 5 JSP Laney uses the common nubuck leather on the Air Jordan 5 to create a vamp. The suede texture is extraordinary, showing a high specification. The classic elements of the heel 23 embroidery and 3M reflective tongue are back in this color scheme. This time, the unique feature is that the Jumpman Logo of the tongue is embroidered with a towel, and the thick three-dimensional feeling is refreshing. In addition to the yellow embellishment, the midsole is also added with gray cement spray coating to add classic elements.

2019 Mens Jordans,The Air Monarch which debuted in 2002, re-emerged as one of the most popular old-fashioned shoes, the M2K Tekno collection, with its retro look of the 90s. Retaining the original temperament and unique silhouette, re-interpreting the retro style with new materials and colors. Recently launched a new color scheme M2K Tekno, the overall body is black, with red Swoosh, this version is also equipped with a blue leopard print, broken an exotic style.

Adidas Sneakers top-level cushioning shoes Ultra Boost is ushered in a full-scale evolution. The difference from the previous generations is that the TPU at the heel of the Ultra Boost 2019 is hollowed out, and the original three-line logo on both sides is combined in a semi-transparent manner. Presented with a sense of comfort and technology. Recently, we are welcoming a new color match. The whole pair of shoes are presented in black and white contrast colors. Simple and succinct, but also eye-catching visual recognition, good to wear and wear!

Franko Discussion / New Nike Air Max 1 Golf Grass Will Release Soon
« on: January 25, 2019, 07:57:26 pm »
Every year, in addition to launching new shoes, 2019 Mens Jordans will add new design elements to many classic shoes to enhance the new visual experience of avant-garde fashion. Recently, Nike brought a pair of quite interesting Air Max 1 Golf “Grass”. When I saw this pair of shoes, I saw a word in Xiaobian’s mind. People who have played chicken games know Geely clothes. This prop, and the design of this pair of shoes is like wearing a jigsaw suit for it. The shoes are mainly made up of a large area of ​​green. The most similar thing to the Geely suit is that the upper is covered with green artificial fur. It looks like it is covered by grass. The fluffy material adds visuality to it. The sense of hierarchy and the degree of personality rise linearly. White Swoosh embroidered embellishment on the outside of the shoe, with a white midsole and a raw rubber outsole, it's hard to wear it on the street!

In the past two years, the popular Air Jordan 1 has always been a retro OG model, but with a variety of Jordans 2019 Shoes joint names, there are some unique designs. The fashion brand COMME des Garçons has recently created a punk-style Air Jordan 1, which was unveiled at Paris Fashion Week. Continuing the overall contour of the nine-hole Air Jordan 1, the upper is made of smooth leather and has a good texture. A layer of leather is attached to the lace holes on the forefoot and upper, and rivets are used. A leather strap is added to the upper, which is decorated with metal buckles and rings. It looks very punk. The tongue is exaggerated and the design is more upright. The toe has no breathable punching design, making it look more like a pair of boots. The overall style is very different from the previous Air Jordan 1 and may be more suitable for high street friends or hardcore punk players than traditional sneaker players.

Air Max 270, which was born last year by Air Max Day, further integrates trends and sports, injecting new life into the running shoe collection. This year 2019 Sneakers Release brought more exaggerated Air Max 720 series running shoes. Nike Air Max 720 “Northern Lights Night” has always been a mysterious first-color color scheme inspired by nature, combining elements of natural landscapes such as lava flow, Northern Lights, Milky Way, sunsets and sunsets, plus a new atmospheric cushion, and The exaggerated appearance gives a sense of "future running shoes". The Air Max 270 is now the thickest air cushion in the Nike with a thickness of 32mm, but the Air Max 720 will refresh this record with a thickness of 38mm! The ultimate cushioning experience is expected. It is not only an upgrade of cushioning, but also an improvement in the craft of making shoes, and it is more environmentally friendly while ensuring quality. 75% of the Air Max 720's parts are made from recycled materials, demonstrating Nike's positive attitude towards sustainability.

Franko Discussion / AQ9128-600 Air Jordan 4 NRG Hot Punch
« on: January 11, 2019, 08:12:52 am »
Nike Sport Sneakers immediately launched the Air Jordan 4 30th Anniversary Collection. The heavyweight shoes that have been reported many times before will soon be officially on sale. I believe that our friends who have recently paid close attention to us have already seen the Air Jordan 4 NRG "Hot Punch" all kinds of spy photos, and countless shoe fans have been circled by the unique color matching strength! The Pantone Color Institute (Pantone's Color Research Institute) announced its annual representative color “Coral Orange” at the beginning of the year, which is similar to the color matching chosen for this pair of shoes. Under the large area of ​​the patent leather material, the bright pink color is particularly conspicuous. At the same time in the midsole, shoelaces and Air Jordan 4's unique tag in the splash design, this playful color scheme adds a unique street texture!

The Shoe Surgeon, a Los Angeles sneaker custom unit named after “Surgeon”, has always been passionate about “luxury remodeling” of sneakers, and Air Jordan 1, which has been in the sneakers in recent years, is naturally the best carrier of popularity. This pair of Miami-themed OFF-WHITE  x Air Jordan 1 VICE continues the OFF-WHITE co-branded design language, using Rose Red and Lake Blue to create a familiar South Coast vibrancy, luxurious python leather and soft lining from Japanese Plonge, injected into The Shoe Surgeon's consistently luxurious style exudes an unforgettable exquisite charm!

Last summer's hottest Nike Element 87 has a unique look and a comfortable foot feel. At the same time, in order to meet the shoe players in the winter can also wear the Element series, Nike launched a new upper material Element 55, a pair of new color matching official map released recently. This color scheme is different from the previously introduced monotonous color scheme. The main color is gray and silver, complemented by blue Swoosh and red tongue, which makes the shoes stand out in the dark-based winter. In addition to having a good value, it also takes into account the good warmth.

Franko Discussion / AV3918-001 Air Jordan 1 Low Slip Black And White Coming
« on: December 30, 2018, 06:54:34 am »
As the Air Jordan 1 is on sale for many years, whether it is OG shoes or eight-hole shoes, each new color has attracted attention. Recently, there is a girl-only Air Jordan 1 Low Slip official release. This sneaker has been changed from the previous lace-up to a pedal. It is fastened at the tongue by snaps. It is light and easy to wear for spring and summer. In addition, due to the elimination of the design of the shoelace, the label of the Jordan Brand Logo and the Nike Swoosh Logo is decorated at the tongue position and the heel position, and the position of the previous Swoosh Logo is changed to a pinhole shape, and the overall material is lighter. .

The Air Max 270, which debuted this year on Air Max Day, has conquered countless people with its super-heeled air cushion, and has a high rate on the streets. Next year, we will usher in the Nike Air Max 720, the "most powerful air-cushion running shoes" with larger and thicker cushions. Recently, a number of color matching official figures have been released. The outsole uses a large 720° wraparound package that has a good visual impact, whether viewed from the sole or the side of the shoe. It is worth mentioning that the surrounding air cushion with a thickness of 3.8 cm is 0.5 cm more than the Air Max 270 launched this year, and the Nike air cushion thickness record is refreshed. At the same time, 75% of air-cushion materials come from recyclable materials, emphasizing sustainable use and implementing environmental protection concepts. At present, there are a number of high-profile color combinations such as sunset, starry purple, mint green, etc., and you will have a very rich choice of feet after the sale.

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,In our impression, after Jordan’s retirement, the positive boots are rare and rare! Over time, the only Air Jordan 19 in the top 20 was only re-enacted in the 08 CDP set, but the first white “Flint Grey” color scheme has been hidden by the Jordan Brand, and countless fans are looking forward to experiencing this pair. After the classic boots of the Jordan era. Recently, this OG color matching finally came out after 15 years of birth. The Anthony Melo signature was printed on the insole, and the thoughts were brought back to Melo in the early days. In the early days of Jordan Brand, the AJ19 galloped the scene! Although Jordan did not personally play in the NBA, but in 2004, Jordan's first trip to China was to promote the pair of Air Jordan 19. The formal white-grey color on the foot is believed to be remembered by many old fans. Still new. Perfectly inherited the luxury configuration of the Air Jordan 18, the full palm Zoom cushion + followed by the double cushion cushioning unit of the separate Zoom air cushion unit and supplemented by the super-large carbon plate support, bringing unparalleled explosive foot feeling, which is popular for the majority of shoe fans Let's go. Inspired by the Black Mamba, the unique ancient chain mail is woven with the new Tech-Flex technology. The toe cap is made of patent leather and is very similar to the simple shape of the Air Jordan 11. The protruding part of the forefoot and the heel of the heel greatly enhances the rollover prevention performance.

Franko Discussion / Are You Waiting for Air Jordan 1 Sports Illustrated?
« on: December 22, 2018, 07:29:05 am »
Air Jordan 1 Sports Illustrated, which had previously flowed out of physical spy photos, did not match the color, and finally confirmed the official release date. The shoe is designed with a simple black and white design, complemented by a red "flying wing" logo embellishment, while the sideways green gradient Swoosh is inspired by the cover of the December 1984 issue of Sports Illustrated, the cover character is the rookie season Michael Jordan, and the green "A Star Is Born" is even more eye-catching. The word also appears inside the "ears" on both sides of the shoe. It has ulterior motives. Just ended the Spider-Man Air Jordan 1 in the sneaker circle. It is hot to say that the Air Jordan 1, which has been in full swing for 2018, will also usher in the official arrival of the finalist "Sports Illustrated" color scheme. The upper is made of lychee leather similar to the buckled backboard. The color scheme is based on the most classic black and white, and the upper is complemented by the orange-colored flying wing logo. The most eye-catching part is the Swoosh Logo. Unlike the traditional leather version, this pair of "Sports Illustrated" is presented with innovative contrast embroidered embroidery with different shades of green gradient stripes, inspired by the defensive of Jordan on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Deer player jersey.

Debuted in 2004, Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey color is made of suede leather to create the upper, including plastic lace perforations, lattice mesh, tongue and heel shield positions are also created in the same color, with all white The midsole and the contrasting black outsole, while seeing a visible yellow air cushion, the shoes are presented in a rather minimalist, fallen shape. After 14 years of defying, Nike finally brought us a re-enactment message. It is reported that this model will be returned to the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 4 next year.

As one of the hottest shoes of the moment, Nike's Air VaporMax Flyknit 2.0 is about to usher in a "Multi-Color" color scheme. It is reported that the color scheme is inspired by the colored breakfast cereal. The Flyknit fabric on the upper is centered in black, and the color is incorporated into it to create a lively visual effect. Swoosh, heel support, tongue, and VaporMax outsole are shown in black. The Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2.0 Multi-Color will be available in select stores and the Nike official online shelf for $190.

Franko Discussion / First Red Laser Adidas Ultra Boost 19 coming soon
« on: December 15, 2018, 07:38:59 am »
With a new design, a completely different look, and a larger Boost midsole and a refreshing foot effect, adidas Ultra Boost 19 will be landing at adidas official website at 4:00 pm this afternoon. The sale price is $269, which has been consistent with the previous Ultra Boost. It can be said that it is "adding no increase"! This time, the adidas Primeknit 360 upper was also used, which made the whole body look like a "sock" with better wrapping. Rumor has it that this first launch of Laser Red has a small amount of color, which is currently counting down.

After a long exposure, A-COLD-WALL* and Nike's joint cooperation finally landed this year, allowing fans to get a close look at ACW's cool design. In addition to the previously sold ACW x Nike Zoom Vomero +5, the next ACW x Nike Air Force 1 is also worthy of attention! The joint AF1 is made of Nike Flyleather technology fabric and is made of at least 50% recycled natural leather fiber. It retains the leather texture and luxurious visual effect, and also meets the trend of environmental protection. There are two colors, one light and one deep, inheriting the classic outline of Air Force 1, and Swoosh is outlined with a punching effect to deconstruct the familiar A-COLD-WALL* high cold temperament. On the side of the toe, there is the iconic ACW LOGO. As a friend of the previous price, this official release will undoubtedly let you solve the problem!

This year, Nike's big hybrid design, the combination of classic shoes and new technology has brought many surprises. Among them, Nike Air VaporMax Plus is favored by its unique appearance, and the new color is also emerging. Recently, it has a pair of futuristic New color scheme. The body of the shoe is mainly white, and the upper is different from the previous monochrome or gradient, but is covered with a black plaid. The upper support frame and air cushion have a gradual effect, and there is a psychedelic and mysterious feeling in the refreshing, and the unique shape of the color adds a little sci-fi feeling.

Franko Discussion / Air Jordan 3 Mocha Will Return Next Week
« on: December 06, 2018, 07:32:03 am »
This year marks the 30th anniversary of AJ3. After the release of various color schemes, this month's last Air Jordan 3 Mocha will be released soon. Inspired by chocolate and creamy mocha. As an early original color scheme, the white leather body is decorated with a brown burst of cracks to create a pure, quaint feeling that is impressive.

Earlier we reported that the exclusive Air Jordan 4 of the Volberger will be available for sale next year. This month, for the California Wildfire Rescue Fundraiser, Wahlberg organized a charity raffle that will send the AJ4 in advance. It only costs $10 to participate in the lucky draw, and 30 lucky fans will be selected to send out the pro-shoes and get a chance to video chat with Wahlberg. This Air Jordan 4 Wahlburgers shoe is crafted in green nubuck and the Jumpman at the tongue is replaced with a personal logo printed with Wahlberg! The combination of translucent and green splashes highlights 1 of 1 identity.

This Saturday, Air Jordan 11 Concord is finally on sale. These shoes have been frequently screened with high popularity. It is said that getting these shoes in advance will make others envious, but the experience of a foreign shoe player is really dumbfounding. After he happily received the pair of Air Jordan 11 "Concord", he found that the flying embroidery of the heel was actually broken. The flying man with less arms and basketball looked really inexplicable, and the netizen said that this is not "God carving." Heroes x Air Jordan 11?

Franko Discussion / Are you hyped for Air Jordan 1 Mid Black White ?
« on: November 30, 2018, 07:14:07 pm »
Air Jordan 1 Mid has always been one of Sneakerhead's favorite AJ styles with its simple upper design. Lightweight cushioning technology is the inheritance feature of Air Jordan 1 Mid. Not only that, the whole upper is black, with white Swoosh and flying wing logo, plus a white outsole as a contrast, black and white contrast, bringing low-key And outstanding results. Continuation Air Jordan 1 classic style and comfort, unlike other color schemes, the shoes are low-key but not mediocre.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,After a series of "green toes" and "purple toes", the "Black Toe" color scheme has been "brainwashed" a lot of friends who like shoes. Recently, Jordan Brand brought this color scheme to the Air Jordan 1 Mid.The shoes are already familiar to us in the “Heart” section, covered with red plaid on the heel and Swoosh, and matched with the checkered coat and checkered trench coat that people often wear in winter.

As the 20th anniversary of the birth of Air Max 98, many wonderful colors have appeared! The asymmetrical complex body structure is complemented by a white through, and the pair of Nike Air Max 98 Triple White will undoubtedly add a touch of pure color to the upcoming summer. This year's Nike Air Max 98, which will return with its 20th birthday, will also welcome the "Triple White" version that is popular among shoe fans. A continuation of the classic body structure with mesh and leather, laces, 3M reflective strips and heel pull tabs, along with a full palm Max Air cushion outsole with clean, white tones and a silver-embroidered Swoosh embellishment .

Franko Discussion / adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Will Get True Green Next Month
« on: November 24, 2018, 07:10:10 pm »
With the release of adidas Ultra BOOST, the best running shoe in the history of Adidas, the revolutionary technology BOOSTTM, which is known for its industry-leading energy feedback performance, has taken a bold new step. Ultra BOOST perfectly adapts to every step of the runner, providing BOOSTTM technology with unparalleled wear for the wearer. Energy feedback performance and first-class support, and can adapt to a variety of road conditions and maintain comfort over hundreds of kilometers.adidas Ultra Boost has been steadily dropping in exciting new colorways all year. While the franchise has somewhat slowed in recent years in terms of hype, the comfort and performance and virtually unchanged from the original, making it one of the most popular shoes on the market. This month, thanks to Py_Rates, we have an early look at an exciting new pair set to arrive sometime later this year. The dark new of the Ultra Boost begins with core black Primeknit threads throughout most of the upper, split almost evenly with a “True Green” color mixed in. Present most in the toebox, this green hue helps the shoe pop and highlights certain design choices like the black leather cage and 3D-printed heel cup. Finally, the new color scheme is finished off by a black Boost midsole and a marbled rubber outsole in black and green.

Nike Air Max 97 has recently ushered in a new "Blue Nebula" color scheme. The classic Air Max 97 exterior design features blue and black as the main theme of the shoe, and the Swoosh Logo on the tongue and shoe side is embellished with blue. The blue part of the shoe side is made of patent leather, which gives the shoe a bright finish and makes the shoe more special.Nike Air Max 97 is releasing in a variety of more colorways, and next one in line is this Blue Fury edition. The classic runner is covered mostly in black for its leather and mesh upper featuring the signature wavy design, with the Blue Fury accents seen on the tongues, Swooshes, insoles, heel tabs, rubber outsole, and even on the transparent Air Max unit. Finally, a white midsole tops the two-tone design altogether.

The Swoosh are harking back to the much-loved Air Safari OG for their latest Nike Air VaporMax 2.0, churning up the colourway and giving it a refresh for 2018.The black and white of the Safari’s midfoot and sole now stretches across the entire upper, while the famous ostrich skin print is now reflected in the VM’s Flyknit weave. The star of show remains as it was in 1987, bright Monarch orange, though now it washes over the VaporMax’s naked sole unit.

Franko Discussion / Where to buy best price Air Jordan 1 Rare Air Grey?
« on: November 08, 2018, 08:23:56 am »
Air Jordan 1 Rare Air Grey collection will feature a variety of color schemes, replacing the original wing logo with the AIR JORDAN embossed logo, and the removable Velcro of the tongue adds more playability. This cool grey color scheme features a grey body with black details and a white outsole.Collectors are going to jump at the chance of copping the Jordan 1 Rare Air Grey. This colourway hasn’t been for some time but now it arrives earlier than expected via the listed retailers.

Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 Triple Black,Bringing that iconic Jordan 1 attitude, it doesn’t get more iconic than this metallic grey sheen. While it’s usually a colour theme found across contemporary releases, this iteration dates back decades.Replace the original flying wing logo with the AIR JORDAN embossed on the classic Air Jordan 1 shoe, and the removable Rare Air velcro is also used on the tongue.The Air Jordan 1 Rare Air “Cool Grey” cool grey color is embellished with a black upper with black Swoosh and laces and a white midsole.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Butter ,The Jumpman brand brings forth that style with a silhouette that stays true to the original. Premium leather hits the upper with a base shade of white found across the sidewall. Darker style cues are featured to the tongue, ankle surround and heel while metallic grey compliments throughout.Jordan Brand remodeled the pioneering Air Jordan 1 and replaced the original Flying Wing Logo with the AIR JORDAN embossed in the upper, while the tongue also uses the removable "RARE AIR" lettering velcro. This overall is in cool gray, with black accents, and finally features the AJ1's signature outsole design.As a ‘RARE’ release, the other distinguishing feature of this high top is the ‘AIR JORDAN’ logo emblazoned on the ankle surround. It sets this apart as an exclusive release and one of a kind colourway.To complete the look, the shoe sits on a low profile white midsole with a grey outsole underfoot.

There will be a big wave of Adidas Originals NMD Primknit PK Black White new shoes, adidas Originals NMD Runner will be faster and faster! NMD shoe models have been further upgraded in terms of materials and details after the release of a number of dazzling new colors. In front of the pair of adidas NMD “Reflective Stripes”, a similar wool fabric is used to create a shoe body, which brings a warm and delicate texture experience. The three bars of the shoe body adopt 3M reflective blessing, which is believed to be a calm and low-key appearance in light and shadow conversion. Between, you can achieve something unexpected! Adidas Originals NMD is in the limelight. After a big wave of color matching on the shelves yesterday, the adidas Originals NMD City Sock “White Gum” has recently appeared in front of us.

The Adidas Originals NMD Primknit PK Carbon Black shoes are made of criss-crossed striped Primeknit knit material to create high-top footwear. The powerful Boost + stabilizer structure is the same as the upper, which is covered with snow white. The use of raw rubber sole brings a touch of vitality to this shoe. color. While the UB shoe model removes the Cage frame with a simplified concept, NMD goes the other way, adding a shoe frame and lengthening the body contour to create a new adidas NMD XR1 shoe!This shoe type was officially launched in China today. We also brought the real shot of adidas NMD XR1 Primeknit “Bright Cyan” to feel the unique street temperament under this fine line texture! Adidas Originals joins the sports shop Champs Sports, based on the NMD shoe model, which brings two new low-key but unique textures.

In terms of hue, they are presented in a very low-key black and white color. Adidas Originals NMD Primknit Triple White is made of black and white wool woven mesh fabric, and the other is made of all black mesh. In terms of details, it is simple and not simple, and it is proud. Street temperament can't hide it! Adidas NMD City Sock has not only brought us a white white plastic color, but also has a cool and cool "Core Black" will be officially released on September 9.This black and white color adidas NMD City Sock "Core Black" with a black woven upper with a white midsole, the midsole is also black, very simple and bright atmosphere, the fine texture of the upper is still delicate The effect of the upper foot is really good.

Air Jordan 1 OG High Retro Court Purple The legendary purple toe is really coming! Jordan Brand launched the Air Jordan 1 with too many colors this year, but the good news is that they have found the “correct opening method” of Air Jordan 1, and the new color schemes are very popular. Today, the Internet has exposed a pair of purple Air Jordan 1 . This year's Air Jordan 1 is extremely popular, whether it is OG color matching or new color matching, sales in the secondary market are the first. Due to the classicity and versatility of the shoe itself, even those who don't pay attention to the shoes will buy a pair of Air Jordan 1 for everyday wear. The Air Jordan 1 with the highest volume of topics in the near future is the black-violet and black-green toe color that will be released tomorrow.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,This pair of Air Jordan 1 uses violet on the heel, toe and tongue tags, and the rest is basically the same as the other “Toed” series. Air Jordan 4 x Kaws, the heaviest shoe of the month, has come to an end. The next Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Royal" is set to once again set off the topic of global shoe fans. The long-lost royal blue dress is made of smooth leather combined with lychee leather for a superior texture. The first-year details of the Nike Air logo on the tongue are memorable.Black Toe Air Jordan 1 OG Retro High The historical status of "Black Toe" is probably higher than you think! This pair of classic sneakers dressed in the Chicago Bulls was closely associated with Michael Jordan in 1985. Today's release is its third appearance in 30 years and the second re-enactment.

Like Chicago and Bred, this Black Toe color scheme bears witness to the start of Michael Jordan's superstar, and the slightly innocent gang and it also Nike Air Max 270 White Orange Black  has several classic moments worth recalling! "Black Toe" is the popular color theme of how to play this year! The black purple toe that will be on sale soon Air Jordan 1 “Court Purple” is also on the classic OG temperament, adding the fashion charm of Liang Sao. Both men's and women's sizes are available, but the women's shoes have a white tongue. Compared to the men's calm, the temperament scores higher. This pair of sultry black toe new products are highly concerned, and the current market pre-sale price is also a bit too high! The upper continues the black-red toe color distribution and the highly textured lychee material, which is decorated in a popular purple color to make the shape more individual. From the date of exposure, it has been paid attention to by the name of the black and red toe sequel. Now it seems that the heat is more than the pre-sale of the black-red toe.

Franko Discussion / Best Place to Buy Air Jordan 13 Black Gym Red
« on: October 12, 2018, 09:40:44 am »
Nike Air Jordan Shoes,Black leather and velvet stitching create the body, black and red color landing Air Jordan 13 Retro shoes, the new Air Jordan 13 Black Gym Red will be officially released on December 13th. The black body is embellished with fitness red details. The classic shoe color is displayed in different poses. Today, the shoes are shot on the feet and feel the charm of it in advance. Inspired by the early designs that only the sharp-eyed Jordan shoe fans can gain insight, the Air Jordan 13 Retro's latest color model features black leather and a fur-finished upper, and a sporty red piece for a re-enactment.

Nike will introduce a more functional Air Force 1 in the near future and name it Nike Air Force 1 Utility QS. Adopting the design concept of more functional attributes, the black lychee skin at the shoe body is matched with the raw rubber outsole, the traditional shoelace system is cancelled, the magnetic buckle strap design is used, and the heel material and signature design are added to the heel and the tongue. Comfortable and balanced with a functional atmosphere. Before the "Be Positive", Nike will be the first to release another dual-function Air Force 1, called "Utility QS." The pure white leather shoes are clean and flawless. In addition to the middle tactical buckles, the laces, tongues and heels are all designed with full-featured style. The whole sole is made of luminous material, making you the brightest in the night sky. star. It is expected that the pair of Nike Air Force 1 Utility QS will be officially released this fall, and it is definitely one of the models that must not be missed.

After presenting the real shot effect, we brought the Nike Air Foamposite One Northern Lights to the All-Star color. Compared with the blurring of spy photos, the sound of praise has gradually become the mainstream after the exposure of clear physical pictures. This new bubble-like product with the theme of Northern Lights is bold and fine, and the unique gas field is hard to avoid. Regardless of the upper foot or the near-up, the aurora upper has a visual impact. The black leather collar and the black opaque outsole complete the lining of the upper in a uniform tone, making the aurora atmosphere more prominent. The 3M reflective effect is used in a lot of details, and the colorful luster is more unique.

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