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Franko Discussion / Who will be listed on the year of FIFA
« on: September 20, 2017, 11:23:49 pm »
FIFA Professional Player Association announced the list of 55 candidates for the annual team, Real Madrid 13 people selected to become the biggest winner, but there are some players selected controversial, buy fifa 18 coins there are some stars to become outside the list "Bead", also caused controversy.
First of all in the goalkeeper position, Kurutu's unsuccessful to let some Chelsea fans dissatisfied, because the Belgian goalkeeper is last season's Premier League Golden Glove Award winner, also helped Chelsea to get the Premiership champions, but lost the list. In contrast, Degea's performance in the last season is not as good as Kurutu, but the Spaniards are on the list.
In the defense, Pick's selection also let some fans Tucao, because Barcelona Zhongwei in the last season's performance is indeed very general, Barcelona also only won the King's Cup.
Midfielder, buy fifa coins  a lot of Bundesliga fans dissatisfied with Robben was disregarded, the Dutch actually last season's Bundesliga performed well, into the 13 ball 9 assists performance is absolutely not bad, but Robben was not selected for the list.
Front line, the Bundesliga gold boots award winner Obermei Yang became the largest bead, which also caused controversy, after all, even Grindzman, Lucca this goal as inferior to Obama, the collective honor is also basic blank Of the players are selected, but the special shooter was ignored.
In addition, last season, La Liga gold boots Messi, French gold boots Cavani, the British gold boots Kane are all selected for the list. Bell's selection also let a lot of fans dissatisfied, because the Real Madrid winger in the last season's tournament only scored 9 goals, nor did Real Madrid won the La Liga and Champions League made much contribution, but lying on the Bell is on the list.
The only explanation is that Robben's Dutch national team and Obama's national team in the FIFA game in the FIFA game in general, buy fifa 18 coins  so they will be ignored FIFA. But also the fans said, Argentina's performance is also bad enough, why Dibara were selected?
Therefore, FIFA's 55 list still caused a huge controversy, many fans do not know FIFA specific criteria. Of course, no matter how FIFA choose, may be controversial, after all, the five league giants fans, how to say are all difficult to tune.

Marketing / Paris wants to steal Seri
« on: August 24, 2017, 05:07:53 am »
As the ideal successor of Harvey, Nice midfielder is one of the important goals of Barcelona. However, the original seemingly smooth sailing, buy fifa 18 coins but recently plunged into a deadlock. According to Cypriot brokers revealed that in the current section of the eye, Paris is still in the transfer of Cypriot in a leg, but the reason is only for the disgusting Barcelona.
This summer, the relationship between Barcelona and Paris completely bustling. At first, Barcelona want to hunt Paris midfielder commander Vilati, not only did not succeed, but also Paris to force the buyout in the form of digging Nemal.  A few days ago, Barcelona issued a notice, the official prosecution Nei Maer, asked the Brazilians to return the renewal of the loyalty bonus, and ask for additional compensation. Barcelona also said that if Nei Maer can not pay compensation, can be paid by Paris, which also means that the two clubs completely break.
Did not get Villati, Barcelona had to second best, the pursuit of Nice midfielder Seri. And in the crucial moment of the negotiations,  buy fifa coins
 Paris ran over and took a foot, the water muddy.
"The two sides met in France and discussed some of Seri's technical problems on Tuesday, but they were already aware of Serie's ability," said Seri's agent, "Barcelona and Nice are likely to agree. They were sent to Nice three days ago, and they were putting pressure on Nice, and wanted to take away Seri. It was so crazy that they had just wanted to be sick of Barcelona.

Marketing / Positioning is also important in CS:GO(A)
« on: July 12, 2017, 05:22:32 am »
Why every time I rushed out from the B hole will be opposite the front frame gun? Why obviously the enemy in the B hole appeared in the trail to kill me? In fact, not you dazzled, but the other's shenfa too good.

There are a lot of people who pay attention to shenfa, even in the AK segment, but also often appear from the second floor jump accidentally fell to his death, and teammates crowded in a narrow channel, the enemy throw the fire itself can not afford the embarrassing scenes.

The scene was once embarrassed

At that moment, melon and flamie's honey to walk moment to make the atmosphere a bit stiff. So, CS: GO is not just about the marksmanship game, CS: GO also related to shenfa!
1. good shenfa can grab the first shot bit

North American genius juvenile Swag in the desert maze of jump
For example: Swag start in the teammates head jump even get a high speed, grab the first shot of the enemy before the enemy headshot. The same can you use the jump quickly grab the first hole in the B hole in front of the gun, you can take the lead to kill the enemy rushB.

The use of even jump to grab the first shot of B zone
There are many similar examples, such as the hot Shacheng 2 A door, the desert second floor of the second floor of the city, the mystery of the city of A Hall and so on.

Quickly jump to the platform, double teammates on the platform

Use shenfa quickly jump to the second floor to grab the front frame gun
In the CS: GO in the first shot is very important, which side first grab, which side can have the advantage of ahead of the gun. cs go Werbegeschenke If you will each other to grab the enemy to kill, then the number of people brought by the first shot on the advantage is likely to help the team to win the game victory.
2. shenfa can jump to the very standard

Hot Shacheng II in the two homes of the CT home, the defense from the door to attack the enemy. The enemy in the attack door usually does not preview the two points. It is worth saying that the enemy from the middle of the road to attack the B zone, the closure of the CT smoke will always be not perfect, you can use the edge of the smoke on both sides of the people to steal people.cs go Spielseite

Franko Discussion / Barca B team upgrades 6 years after
« on: June 26, 2017, 11:55:48 pm »
With the end of the Spanish-Spanish upgrade, Barcelona B team won the next season to participate in the West B League qualification, which is the history of Barcelona B team 23rd to participate in the West B League.
In the Spanish-Spanish escalation match, Barcelona B team final two rounds of 4-1 beat has been dilapidated La Liga veteran team Santander athletic, and Alvassett together into the next season West B League. This is the history of Barcelona B team 6th upgrade into the West B League, but also the 23rd expedition West B League.
Barcelona B team last time to fight West B League or in 2011, when the coach is the future of Barcelona adult team coach Enrique. monedas fifa baratas Xbox 360 Now Barcelona B team coach Lopez has led the two seasons, this season in the playoffs in the semi-finals although lost to Leon Onissa, but then experience the escalation of the resurrection tournament consecutive out of Cartagena and Santander Eventually scored in the West B League.
Although the Barcelona B team can not upgrade through the way into the La Liga, but the ability to attack West B for the team many young players will face a higher level of competitive games, to know Baladolid, Zaragoza, Almería This team is a regular season.
While Real Madrid B team where?buy fifa 17 coins xbox 360 Last season only won the second group of West C League 11, there is no small gap between the upgrade.

Marketing / 4 years 3 champions, Real Madrid sets up owner dynasty
« on: June 13, 2017, 02:22:18 am »
A field is considered to be the most recent in recent years, the most opposing game, a typical contradiction war, monedas fifa 17 ultimate team pc Real Madrid laughed the last. This Galaxy warships can be said to be stronger than Florentino's first ruling period of Real Madrid, and from a long-term perspective now Real Madrid lineup as long as a slight adjustment, can still dominate Europe for several years.
Real Madrid in the Champions League after the first peak is in 1998, 2000 and 2002 won the Champions League three times, but this four won with five years, and now Real Madrid is 3 times to win with 4 years. This is the Champions League restructuring, the highest frequency of winning the team. Previously Barcelona was considered a lifelong, but the Red and Blue Corps from 2006 to 2011 3 times to win a full six years, 2009 to 2015 full of 7 years. Juventus had the opportunity to become the first three years after the Champions League 3 years to win the Champions League team, but in 1997 and 1998 consecutive defeated.
Real Madrid 4 years to dominate Europe three times, this result in the history of the team has been able to say that after 1956 - 1960, even the tyrants of the horrible white army. In other words, only Real Madrid in the Champions League before the reform and the Champions League restructuring, twice completed 4 years 3 times won the Champions League super miracle.
Real Madrid how high? Since the Champions League restructuring, 6 times to win the final winning percentage of 100% in 1998 to defeat Juventus, in 2000 victory over Valencia, 2002 Lectra Leverkusen, although two angry Atletico, comprar monedas fifa 17 pc and let the Bianconeri again 19 years ago nightmare. Although Juventus in the two round knockout is Real Madrid's bitter, but the Champions League hit Real Madrid, only lose the copies. Tonight's Champions League final interpretation of who is the king of the Champions League, who is the Champions League second millennium!
Now no one will question the Real Madrid opened up the Champions League history, the third white dynasty of this argument, but how can the continuation of the dynasty life? Compared to the Champions League five tyrants period, when football has not completely into the modern football stage, a superstar may be the key to dominate the game. 1998 - 2002, Real Madrid 5 years 3 times to win, since there have been 12 consecutive years did not reach the final pain experience, which reason worth pondering.
That year, Florentino bought the star is the peak of the state, but Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo quickly went to his career downhill. Florentino in 2009 to rebuild Real Madrid, when the acquisition is the Mesozoic players, after 2013 began to collect young people in their early 20s, and now is the top of all the top European demon demon. After a long run, the players more mature, Real Madrid's combat effectiveness, but can not say how much progress, it touches certainly will not regress.
From the short-term immediate effect of the way point of view, although the first half of Navas efforts to help Real Madrid did not lose the ball, but the Galaxy warships to buy a high level goalkeeper is necessary to do things, Deheya is considered the most popular Candidates. Also in the midfield, Real Madrid also need to find a substitute for Casimiro, only one worker-type midfielder is not enough. In addition to the front line of the state of Zeema decline, Zidane can not guarantee that Morata can stay in the team, which is what Florentino eager to buy Mbapi important reason.
From the long-term point of view, competition for the next 10 years lineup, Real Madrid is still very luxurious, Theo is about to compete with Marcelo left guard, Venusus signed Real Madrid, and Mbapi will form the future black double arrow. The defense of the old Pepe will soon be replaced by Vallejo, Buddha bought the demon, spend little, but the purchase is the future.

Franko Discussion / La Liga and a first brother
« on: June 06, 2017, 04:21:18 am »
The second round of the tournament in the second round of the season in full swing this morning, after the second in the standings of the Girona only need a draw to ensure that upgrade qualifications. Ultimately, they are home to 0-0 draw with Zaragoza, ahead of a lock to qualify for the upgrade.
The next season will be the first time since the establishment of Girona since 1930, the top league in Spain, they also became the first 62 to join the La Liga family of the team. Girona has been a strong contender for eligibility for the past few years,fifa 17 coins ps4 but they have often fallen into the escalation playoffs. In 2013, Girona defeated Almería in the final playoff final. In 2015, Girona was shot out of Zaragoza because of the goal scoring. In 2016, Girona again in the upgrade playoff final crashed, this time they lost to Osasuna. Over the past four years, Girona has been defeated three times in the playoffs. But they did not give up the dream of upgrading, this season, Girona all the way triumph, has been ranked second in the standings, and finally they do not have to play the playoffs, the West B runner-up results so that they directly get the next season La Liga eligibility The
At the end of the game,günstigsten fifa coins ps4 the ecstatic Giorgio fans rushed into the stadium and celebrated the harder upgrades with the players. For this small town of 100,000 people, the joy of upgrading as much as any one won the championship, after the game Kyrgyzstan official also held an upgrade ceremony. Next season we will see a new team in La Liga, Girona will try to show their style in La Liga to prove their strength.

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