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TORONTO nike air max 360 sale , Jan. 1 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of brave Torontonians on Thursday took an icy dip in Lake Ontario to kick off 2015 for a good reason.

Call them enthusiasts, call them crazy, but every year the Polar Bear Dip takes place in Canada on New Year's Day, when many take the occasion to indulge in some well-thought-of momentary insanity. In Toronto, the Toronto Polar Bear Club dip has entered its 10th year.

The dip took place at Toronto's Sunnyside Beach on Lake Ontario, one of North America's coldest lakes. More than 600 people arrived nike air max 97 sale , in all states of disrepair and in costumes, bringing a carnival-like atmosphere to a surreal event.

The temperature with wind chill was minus 12 degrees Celsius. The lake was beyond cold with the shoreline ice-encrusted. This is where some Dutch courage had to be found. A reason to partake in this icy folly was to have fun, test endurance and raise money for charity.

"As with all things, there are some rules that you need to be aware of," advised Keith Jolie, co-founder of the club.

"Preparing for the dip is easy. Bring water shoes or old running shoes you can wear in the water nike air vapormax sale , or you'll be walking barefoot on the rocky lake bottom," he said.

"Also bring loose fitting warm clothes to put on right after the dip and wool socks. If your feet are warm, you'll be warm plus a blanket to stand on to get changed and a bunch of towels," he added.

So why did these super-humans decide to brave the elements? May Loo gave an insight into why.

"This is my fifth or sixth year, so this is lots of fun. This is to help raise money for Habitat for Humanity. This is a really great cause, getting shelter for the homeless people nike air max 2019 sale ," Loo told Xinhua.

Many supporters chimed in, claiming it was the best way to start 2015 and do some good. A trophy was presented to the highest fundraiser to mark the event's 10th anniversary. Toques and other memorabilia were given out as gifts.

"This is the 10th anniversary. We have the most people, over 600, the most money ever raised, over 70,000 dollars nike air max 270 mens sale , and this is going to be the best ever dip," said Ene Underwood, CEO of Habitat for Humanity.

Since 2005, the Toronto Polar Bear Club has hosted the event to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, which helps build simple, affordable and decent homes for families in need in the city. The club has so far raised over 200 nike air max 270 womens sale ,000 Canadian dollars.

The event in Toronto is just one of many dips taking place across the country. One of the oldest and most established Polar Bear Dips takes place on Canada's west coast at Vancouver's English Bay, where they have been doing it since 1920.

On the periphery of Lake Ontario, other towns were also preparing for their Polar Bear swims. From Oakville in the west to Oshawa in the east, at least 80 miles of lake front have seen adventurous Canadians plunge into the polar waters to welcome Day 1 of 2015.

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