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SYDNEY Cheap Howard Wilson Jersey , July 15 (Xinhua) -- Global manufacturer Mitsubishi has been accused of misleading Australian consumers after a Brisbane woman had her warranty claim rejected because of a gecko.

Felicity Sawford was told the warranty to her Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning did not cover damage caused vermin after technicians claimed a gecko had short-circuited the power-board in the external unit.

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"Even when both myself and my husband queried the fact that the wording in the warranty specifically references vermin, they said look, Mitsubishi just doesn't cover it."

Mitsubishi's warranty states that the owner is at all times responsible for the repair of damage to the product caused by vermin. Damage from moisture and dirt are also not covered.

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Sawford described Mitsubishi's warranty as ambiguous and impractical.

In a statement to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric said it treats cases like this very seriously and has taken, and will continue to take, considerable lengths to prevent vermin ingress as best as possible.

"We handle instances of gecko or vermin ingress on a case-by- case basis, as there are often other contributing factors involved, " Mitsubishi said.

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Program Super Camp For SBMPTN SIMAK UI

Deskripsi Program
LES PRIVAT SMART - ALIBI, menawarkan Program Super Camp SBMPTNSIMAK UI kepada Anda Siswa-Siswi kelas 3 SMA dan Alumni yang ingin SUKSES dalam SIMAK UI, UMB, dan SBMPTN untuk Masuk PTN Favorite Masuk Universitas Indonesia (UI). Kami Berkomitmen dan MENJAMIN kepada anda sukses dalam SIMAK UI, UMB, dan SBMPTN dan Meraih Jurusan yang ada inginkan.

Metode yang Kami Gunakan adalah SATU-SATUNYA BIMBINGAN BELAJAR yang menawarkan Pola belajar siswa (1 Siswa 1 Mentor), setiap Jumat, Sabtu dan Minggu di Lingkungan yang Kondusif untuk belajar (Di WISMA MAKARA UI).

100% TIM Pengajar kami adalah Dosen, Asisten Dosen dan Mahasiswa (Reguler S1) dari Seluruh Fakultas di Universitas Indonesia.
Detail Program
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