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When the spring blossom
« on: October 11, 2018, 04:49:35 am »
When the spring blossoms and everything recovers, our people have ushered in a traditional festival, the Ching Ming Festival.On April 4th of each year, it is a festival in which our people remember the ancestors and martyrs. To commemorate this far-reaching day, remember the revolutionary martyrs, carry forward the spirit of patriotism, and strengthen patriotic education. Let us overcome difficulties in learning; let us win honors on the field; let us be more united in collective life. We wore bright red scarves on our chests and came with grief and heavy feelings - Chen Zhanxian Martyrs Memorial Pavilion. As a founder of the Communist Party of China��s Weinan Party and a leader of the early workers�� movement of the Communist Party of China, Chen Zhanxian��s martyr will be with the sun and the moon, and his deeds will be eternal! The Martyrs Memorial Pavilion is so solemn and quiet Carton Of Newports, and the pines and cypresses on both sides of the pavilion are so tall and green.Our class lined up to the Martyrs Memorial Pavilion. We started the theme team meeting: first Parliament Cigarettes, the class teacher gave a speech, then the class cadre spokesperson, the team counselor expressed affectionately about the heroic and tragic deeds of Chen Zhanxian, and how to do it. An honest person, a brave person. Yes, in the dark old society Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, the martyrs braved the test of life and death, regardless of personal safety, and exchanged their blood and life for the flourishing of the motherland Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Their lofty spirit of sacrifice for the country is eloquent and will forever Remember in my heart.Finally Wholesale Cigarettes, the tribute to the Chen Zhanxian martyrs. In those three minutes, I thought a lot: Our happy and beautiful life today was created for us by the revolutionary martyrs, who exchanged their heads and sprinkled blood. Therefore, I secretly made up my mind to cherish this golden childhood, to inherit the legacy of the martyrs, to achieve our glorious mission, and to fight for the rise of China. I must study hard, learn the skills of building the motherland, and contribute my own intelligence to build the motherland's future.