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La Liga and a first brother
« on: June 06, 2017, 04:21:18 am »
The second round of the tournament in the second round of the season in full swing this morning, after the second in the standings of the Girona only need a draw to ensure that upgrade qualifications. Ultimately, they are home to 0-0 draw with Zaragoza, ahead of a lock to qualify for the upgrade.
The next season will be the first time since the establishment of Girona since 1930, the top league in Spain, they also became the first 62 to join the La Liga family of the team. Girona has been a strong contender for eligibility for the past few years,fifa 17 coins ps4 but they have often fallen into the escalation playoffs. In 2013, Girona defeated Almería in the final playoff final. In 2015, Girona was shot out of Zaragoza because of the goal scoring. In 2016, Girona again in the upgrade playoff final crashed, this time they lost to Osasuna. Over the past four years, Girona has been defeated three times in the playoffs. But they did not give up the dream of upgrading, this season, Girona all the way triumph, has been ranked second in the standings, and finally they do not have to play the playoffs, the West B runner-up results so that they directly get the next season La Liga eligibility The
At the end of the game,günstigsten fifa coins ps4 the ecstatic Giorgio fans rushed into the stadium and celebrated the harder upgrades with the players. For this small town of 100,000 people, the joy of upgrading as much as any one won the championship, after the game Kyrgyzstan official also held an upgrade ceremony. Next season we will see a new team in La Liga, Girona will try to show their style in La Liga to prove their strength.