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Use caution if you have experienced Water damage from a:

Broken Pipe

Pin-Hole Leeks

FrozenBurst Pipe

Broken Flex-Line Hose

Plumbing Failure

Toilet Overflow

Toilet Backup

Roof Leek

Broken Fire Sprinkler System

Slab Leak

Slab leaks occur when a water supply line located in the concrete foundation ruptures and begins to leak. this water will then makes it way up through the pores of the concrete and will start to damage any flooring materials such as carpet Cheap Men's New Balance 574 Gradient Army Green Shoes , pad, hardwood floors, tile, stone Cheap New Balance 597 Shoes , and vinyl. This water will continue to leak and spread along the bottom of the floor and start to affected the baseboards and walls. Water can wick 3″ – 6″ high on the wall per day. This will contribute to water damage in the walls as well as the floor. Often a leak can go undetected for a while because it is impossible to see under the floor. Then one day you will walk across the carpet and you will discover it will be soaking wet. Call a professional restoration company for emergency services and to do a moisture test and inspection to determine the extent of the damages to the floors and walls.

Broken pipes, leaky appliances, and heavy rain storms can demonstrate the destructive power of water damage in the home. Quick action can help salvage your home and keep damages to a minimum. The following safety steps and quick actions can reduce the risk of danger until emergency help arrives.

1. Avoid The Hazards! Be aware of the deadly combination of water and electricity. Do not enter areas of standing water while the electricity is on.

2. Stop The Source Of Water. Locate the water shut off valve outside your home and turn the water off, or you can call your local fire department and they will guide you through this.

3. Take Immediate Action and use caution.

4. Use Caution. Limit walking on floors affected by a Sewage backup and spreading bacteria Cheap New Balance 597 , fecal mater, and disease to other areas of your home.

5. Increase Ventilation. Open Windows and doors to increase ventilation to the affected areas.

6. Remove furniture. Remove items and furniture from wet areas if possible. Wood furniture can cause staining to occur that can permanently damage the carpet. If removal isn’t possible place some type of plastic barrier between the carpet and furniture legs.

7. Hang up draperies and pin back upholstery skirts to prevent water stains.

8. Stay away from ceilings starting to sag. Ceiling drywall is known to drop to the floor due to the weight of the water and loss of structural integrity.

It is important to have a complete moisture assessment inspection of your carpet, wood floors, baseboards Cheap New Balance 574 Kids , walls, and ceiling to locate any trapped pockets of water that may cause odors and prevent mold growth from forming.

Industry standards located in the I.I.C.R.C S-500 manual say to use antimicrobial solutions, moisture meters, dryers Cheap New Balance 574 Womens , and dehumidifiers to prevent the growth and spread of mold.

Industry standards are set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration, and Certification (IICRC) for water damage restoration and mold remediation. Use IICRC industry standards and guidelines that conform to the S-500 and S-520 reference guide for professional water damage restoration to clean up damaged areas.

Dan Aquavia is a water damage expert whom is nationally known. Dan likes to hunt wild trukeys and prospect for diamonds in his spare time.

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