Author Topic: 4 years 3 champions, Real Madrid sets up owner dynasty  (Read 585 times)


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4 years 3 champions, Real Madrid sets up owner dynasty
« on: June 13, 2017, 02:22:18 am »
A field is considered to be the most recent in recent years, the most opposing game, a typical contradiction war, monedas fifa 17 ultimate team pc Real Madrid laughed the last. This Galaxy warships can be said to be stronger than Florentino's first ruling period of Real Madrid, and from a long-term perspective now Real Madrid lineup as long as a slight adjustment, can still dominate Europe for several years.
Real Madrid in the Champions League after the first peak is in 1998, 2000 and 2002 won the Champions League three times, but this four won with five years, and now Real Madrid is 3 times to win with 4 years. This is the Champions League restructuring, the highest frequency of winning the team. Previously Barcelona was considered a lifelong, but the Red and Blue Corps from 2006 to 2011 3 times to win a full six years, 2009 to 2015 full of 7 years. Juventus had the opportunity to become the first three years after the Champions League 3 years to win the Champions League team, but in 1997 and 1998 consecutive defeated.
Real Madrid 4 years to dominate Europe three times, this result in the history of the team has been able to say that after 1956 - 1960, even the tyrants of the horrible white army. In other words, only Real Madrid in the Champions League before the reform and the Champions League restructuring, twice completed 4 years 3 times won the Champions League super miracle.
Real Madrid how high? Since the Champions League restructuring, 6 times to win the final winning percentage of 100% in 1998 to defeat Juventus, in 2000 victory over Valencia, 2002 Lectra Leverkusen, although two angry Atletico, comprar monedas fifa 17 pc and let the Bianconeri again 19 years ago nightmare. Although Juventus in the two round knockout is Real Madrid's bitter, but the Champions League hit Real Madrid, only lose the copies. Tonight's Champions League final interpretation of who is the king of the Champions League, who is the Champions League second millennium!
Now no one will question the Real Madrid opened up the Champions League history, the third white dynasty of this argument, but how can the continuation of the dynasty life? Compared to the Champions League five tyrants period, when football has not completely into the modern football stage, a superstar may be the key to dominate the game. 1998 - 2002, Real Madrid 5 years 3 times to win, since there have been 12 consecutive years did not reach the final pain experience, which reason worth pondering.
That year, Florentino bought the star is the peak of the state, but Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo quickly went to his career downhill. Florentino in 2009 to rebuild Real Madrid, when the acquisition is the Mesozoic players, after 2013 began to collect young people in their early 20s, and now is the top of all the top European demon demon. After a long run, the players more mature, Real Madrid's combat effectiveness, but can not say how much progress, it touches certainly will not regress.
From the short-term immediate effect of the way point of view, although the first half of Navas efforts to help Real Madrid did not lose the ball, but the Galaxy warships to buy a high level goalkeeper is necessary to do things, Deheya is considered the most popular Candidates. Also in the midfield, Real Madrid also need to find a substitute for Casimiro, only one worker-type midfielder is not enough. In addition to the front line of the state of Zeema decline, Zidane can not guarantee that Morata can stay in the team, which is what Florentino eager to buy Mbapi important reason.
From the long-term point of view, competition for the next 10 years lineup, Real Madrid is still very luxurious, Theo is about to compete with Marcelo left guard, Venusus signed Real Madrid, and Mbapi will form the future black double arrow. The defense of the old Pepe will soon be replaced by Vallejo, Buddha bought the demon, spend little, but the purchase is the future.