Author Topic: Positioning is also important in CS:GO(A)  (Read 644 times)


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Positioning is also important in CS:GO(A)
« on: July 12, 2017, 05:22:32 am »
Why every time I rushed out from the B hole will be opposite the front frame gun? Why obviously the enemy in the B hole appeared in the trail to kill me? In fact, not you dazzled, but the other's shenfa too good.

There are a lot of people who pay attention to shenfa, even in the AK segment, but also often appear from the second floor jump accidentally fell to his death, and teammates crowded in a narrow channel, the enemy throw the fire itself can not afford the embarrassing scenes.

The scene was once embarrassed

At that moment, melon and flamie's honey to walk moment to make the atmosphere a bit stiff. So, CS: GO is not just about the marksmanship game, CS: GO also related to shenfa!
1. good shenfa can grab the first shot bit

North American genius juvenile Swag in the desert maze of jump
For example: Swag start in the teammates head jump even get a high speed, grab the first shot of the enemy before the enemy headshot. The same can you use the jump quickly grab the first hole in the B hole in front of the gun, you can take the lead to kill the enemy rushB.

The use of even jump to grab the first shot of B zone
There are many similar examples, such as the hot Shacheng 2 A door, the desert second floor of the second floor of the city, the mystery of the city of A Hall and so on.

Quickly jump to the platform, double teammates on the platform

Use shenfa quickly jump to the second floor to grab the front frame gun
In the CS: GO in the first shot is very important, which side first grab, which side can have the advantage of ahead of the gun. cs go Werbegeschenke If you will each other to grab the enemy to kill, then the number of people brought by the first shot on the advantage is likely to help the team to win the game victory.
2. shenfa can jump to the very standard

Hot Shacheng II in the two homes of the CT home, the defense from the door to attack the enemy. The enemy in the attack door usually does not preview the two points. It is worth saying that the enemy from the middle of the road to attack the B zone, the closure of the CT smoke will always be not perfect, you can use the edge of the smoke on both sides of the people to steal people.cs go Spielseite