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Paris wants to steal Seri
« on: August 24, 2017, 05:07:53 am »
As the ideal successor of Harvey, Nice midfielder is one of the important goals of Barcelona. However, the original seemingly smooth sailing, buy fifa 18 coins but recently plunged into a deadlock. According to Cypriot brokers revealed that in the current section of the eye, Paris is still in the transfer of Cypriot in a leg, but the reason is only for the disgusting Barcelona.
This summer, the relationship between Barcelona and Paris completely bustling. At first, Barcelona want to hunt Paris midfielder commander Vilati, not only did not succeed, but also Paris to force the buyout in the form of digging Nemal.  A few days ago, Barcelona issued a notice, the official prosecution Nei Maer, asked the Brazilians to return the renewal of the loyalty bonus, and ask for additional compensation. Barcelona also said that if Nei Maer can not pay compensation, can be paid by Paris, which also means that the two clubs completely break.
Did not get Villati, Barcelona had to second best, the pursuit of Nice midfielder Seri. And in the crucial moment of the negotiations,  buy fifa coins
 Paris ran over and took a foot, the water muddy.
"The two sides met in France and discussed some of Seri's technical problems on Tuesday, but they were already aware of Serie's ability," said Seri's agent, "Barcelona and Nice are likely to agree. They were sent to Nice three days ago, and they were putting pressure on Nice, and wanted to take away Seri. It was so crazy that they had just wanted to be sick of Barcelona.