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Grün und Gelb für die Naht
« on: October 08, 2017, 10:42:59 pm »
PU is a much easier material to compress than EVA, which means it can return the same amount of energy in a much softer shoe, says Grimes. “We didn’t want to make a hard shoe, we wanted to make one that was still forgiving with that float feeling. We couldn’t get the best of both worlds with the EVAs we were using.”To increase the Levitate’s performance, Brooks housed the PU foam—which the company calls DNA AMP—inside a Nike Air Max 90 Dam thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film that surrounds the foam. TPU is a super thin piece of plastic that can be easily manipulated to have different widths and thicknesses depending on the intended Nike Roshe Run Femme usage.That sandwich-style construction allows Brooks to control the release of energy. When a runner hits the ground, it compresses the foam material. Without the TPU coating, the energy would be released out the sides. But the new covering sends that energy right back to the center of the foot instead, allowing it to transfer all that energy in a targeted way back up when a runner lifts their foot from the ground.I have put in a lot of miles on various shoes from the Brooks Running lineup. I spent three years running in Brooks’ Glycerin, one of the company’s most cushioned kicks that makes you feel protected as you pound the pavement.Nike Air Max 2017 Dames  But I’ve also run in the company’s Launch model, which, until now, had been one of their highest energy return shoes, as well as a plethora of other running shoe brands of similar structure and function to both the Glycerin and the Launch.Overall, the shoe definitely gave a boost. Racing in Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Damen the Brooks’ Glycerin, my fastest 5K time was a 23:02. Although I didn’t race any official 3.1 mile races in the Levitate, I did time my 5K once, and I clocked in at 22:34 (Note: That was in the middle of training for a 10-mile race, and I was in extremely good personal shape).

Since I typically run in a shoe that emphasizes cushioning over energy return, I definitely noticed a difference when I ran in the Levitate. Each stride felt bouncier, and the effort Nike Air Vapormax Dam that I was putting in was getting a greater return. I wore them on long and short runs, Adidas NMD Femmeranging from fast interval sprints to longer 10-mile endurance efforts. I appreciated the Levitate the most during the shorter, faster-paced miles.To find a better comparison, I wore them for a few days on varying intensity runs and then switched to the Brooks’ Launch, a similar shoe that is meant to boost you from the ground (but with an energy return of just 65 percent). There was a discernible difference, even with just a 7 percent reduction. You absolutely don’t need to be an elite Adidas Superstar Pánské runner to notice it.The advantage that a high energy return has on a runner’s performance is still somewhat controversial. Energy return is not the only metric for determining the complete metabolic cost of running. Generally speaking, a person becomes a Nike Air Max 1 Damen faster and more fit runner—and thus the energy required to do so reduces—simply by putting Nike Air Max 2017 Womens in a lot of miles. "Training status is the most important parameter. Running gait, or form, will also make a difference," says Wouter Hoogkamer, an integrative physiologist at the Locomotion Lab at the University of Colorado at Boulder. "But typically people self-optimize their running form with some amount of running." The type of surface the person is running on, and even the weight of the shoes themselves can make a difference, says Hoogkamer. On average, every 100 grams of added mass per shoe increases the metabolic cost of running by 1 percent.

Some also say that even if a shoe was able to send back all the energy the runner provided, that amount is still small compared to the total energy a runner’s muscles employ to move the person forward. But many physiologists and shoe makers argue that every little bit can help. And Adidas Superstar Dámské černé energy return is a bit part of that. Much of the research into energy return has focused on marathon racing shoes. One 2013 study compared Adidas’ brand new (at the time) Boost shoe to an average energy return running shoe and found that on both the treadmill and the ground, runners in the Boost had a small, but statistically significant reduced oxygen consumption, which is the amount of oxygen someone must deliver to make their muscles move. Essentially, that means they can do the same task with less oxygen. The difference was about 1 percent. Another study, done by Kram and Hoogkamer (which was funded by Nike), found the Nike Vaporfly shoe had, on average, a 4 percent overall energy savings. "We think that is big," says Kram.How does Nike Air Max 90 Mens the Levitate stack up to those shoes? Brooks' Caprara and Grimes say that through internal testing the company has done, the Levitate has a Adidas ZX Flux Dam higher energy return than its competitors. The company designed the Levitate shoe for novice and experienced runners. So when it compares its 72 percent energy return to other brands' kicks, Brooks does so with ones that are similar to the Levitate's price range and style.