Author Topic: Will the Rams' offense slow down?  (Read 611 times)


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Will the Rams' offense slow down?
« on: November 10, 2017, 04:03:30 am »
His online service partnered with CBS last year knowing it would benefit from the network's broadcasts of the Winter Olympics and the NCAA basketball tournament. Now viewers will hear CBS SportsLine, the main online site of Levy's SportsLine USA, mentioned over and over again when the Miami Dolphins and other black miami dolphins jersey AFC teams play.

When we initially went into the deal with CBS, we had a good feeling they would make a strong effort to get the NFL back,'' Levy said after Tuesday's contract announcement.

As an official NFL partner, CBS will have the rights on the Internet to do a lot of great things with content. I think it should add a lot of traffic to the site through the promotion on the games on Sunday.''

That should help CBS SportsLine compete with rivals, particularly ESPNet Sportszone, which falls under the Disney, ABC and ESPN umbrella.

Levy, 51, has built SportsLine from the ground up, starting with just two employees. The steps he took to do so offer insights into the nature of entrepreneurs and how the successful ones adapt to rapid change.

Levy didn't start as a novice in either business or sports. He previously built Lexicon, an electronics company in Fort Lauderdale that spun off a company that made a computerized system for coaches to analyze video for games.

He talked about developing SportsLine during a two hour interview at his company's headquarters off Cypress Creek Road.

Levy left Lexicon in May 1993, after an outside investment group took over. He said he quickly got his fill of playing tennis, but didn't have a clue about what would happen next. He sent his resume to corporate recruiters, who didn't offer anything attractive, and venture capitalists, who didn't offer anything at all.

In November 1993, he went to the Comdex technology convention in Las Vegas. I came to the conclusion that if I was going to start something, I'd have to do it myself,'' he said.

While staying at Caesar's Palace, he went down to the sports betting area and saw a lot of betters watching large screen TVs and tote boards for betting. His first inspiration was to develop a machine that would let you place a bet from your seat _ on something as minor as whether a football team would get a first down on a particular drive.

He met with Bill Shillington, a partner with Arthur Andersen, in December seeking advice. A few weeks later he got it in the form of a fax: Another company is doing exactly what I was thinking,'' Levy said. I said all right, scratch that idea.''

Still the idea of a consumer sports product stuck in his head. He had long been an online user and logged onto Prodigy during the 1994 college bowl season. They weren't even updating the games,'' he said.

A month later Levy started SportsLine with Kenneth Dotson and Ellen McGowan, two former employees from Sports Tech _ the Lexicon spinoff that made the video system for coaches. The idea was develop a dial up online sports service. The Internet? Levy said he didn't know what that was.

I was funding the company out of my own pocket at that point,'' Levy said, but he was already thinking of offering stock at some point. He made sure to have a major accounting firm, Arthur Anderson, and womens bengals jersey a large legal firm, Greenberg Traurig of Miami.

Space for meetings was another matter.

Levy said he and Dotson would meet for hours in the lobby of the Westin Hotel at Interstate 95 and Cypress Creek Road, sometimes adjourning to the coffee shop.

I'm surprised they never threw us out,'' Levy said.

They sent out a business plan to venture capitalists and struck out. Then they decided to do a private placement, seeking $2 million in 20 units of $100,000.

I approached everyone I knew and had some response,'' Levy said, but it was either Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys from China going to be $2 million or nothing.''

A friend said what he needed was a gorilla _ a big famous name. The friend knew Joe Namath, so Levy sent his business plan to Jimmy Walsh, Namath's agent in New Orleans.

Levy said Walsh, who got his share of screwball pitches, was gruff when it came to Levy's tentative plan. What do you mean you thought' or think' _ if you don't know, you shouldn't be talking,'' Levy recalled him saying.

Dotson negotiated a different deal that would give Walsh and Namath 200,000 shares and warrants to buy 200,000 more at $5 per share.

But Walsh still wanted Levy to raise $2 million before signing the deal. This time it was Walsh who had a friend _ Burk Zanft, a New Yorker who owned six plastics plants. Zanft took the whole $2 million, which led to Namath and Walsh subsequently signing their deal with Levy.


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Re: Will the Rams' offense slow down?
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