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Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group

Silicon Valley (as in California's tech hub, not the landfill where used breast implants go) has reached near mythic status. It's a magical land, where with enough ingenuity and hustle all of your wildest dreams can come true. It's like a sci fi utopia   complete with a seedy sci fi underbelly. But minutes from the glittery high rise buildings housing Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, and   shockingly   Yahoo once stood "The Jungle," a 68 cheap jerseys acre shantytown filled with homeless people who have nowhere else to go. "Big deal," the worst section of your brain is probably thinking. "Every city has homeless people." That's true   but not every city has a small population of employed homeless people who can't afford to live where they work.

The Jungle was shut down in 2014, but San Jose is currently trying to figure how to house the 7,000 homeless people in the area. Like most cities, the area has its fair share of people with mental problems and drug issues who just can't keep it together in mainstream society. But Silicon Valley's homeless population also includes bus drivers, carpenters, medical clerks, and caterers who can't afford San Jose's average rent of 2,633 clams per month.

So, what's a working man or woman who can't afford to move to Middle America do? Some of the bus drivers who shuffle Apple's workers between their suburban homes and glitzy offices end up sleeping in their cars between shifts. Others don't have cars, so they opt for the next best thing: sleeping on a bus every night.

Nhat V. Meyer / Bay Area News Group

Nhat V. Meyer / Bay Area News Group

Which is absolutely the most depressing case Cheap China Jerseys of taking your work home we've ever heard.

San Jose has one bus that runs 24 hours a day: It's called Line 22, and for $8, anyone can ride "Hotel 22" from Santa Clara to San Jose, over and over again, until morning. Some of the bus' nightly "residents" include people who have lived in the area since the town was full of orchards and ranches. One guy on the bus used to work as a chef at Microsoft. Everyone brings blankets, because this is as good as it gets when the shelters are full and you're stuck choosing cheap jerseys between sleeping in the alley, a hobo camp, or staking out the best awning on a sidewalk on a rainy night.

So it's entirely possible that, as you're reading this, someone who contributed to the technology supporting your device is currently wholesale jerseys China sleeping on a bus because they have nowhere else to go at night. But at least we're seeing a united public response to this humanitarian crisis from the tech sector, right?

The Guardian

Your Tea Could Be Covered In The Shit Of The Workers Who Harvest It

Tea has always been the drink of choice for the regal and dignified, but the conditions of those who actually collect the tea leaves couldn't be further from that image. A BBC led investigation into Indian tea plantations where many major companies get their product discovered that workers were subjected to atrocious conditions in their homes and their workplaces. Poking your pinkie out while drinking a cup of tea isn't genteel; it's sanitary. Coffee may be for closers, but tea is open to anybody and everything that comes out of their body.

And we mean everything. The investigation revealed the terrible sanitation conditions that workers endure in Assam, a state in Northeastern India. Many of the families went without toilets and had no other option but to poop among the tea leaves. How's that for shitting it to the man?Your English breakfast leaves were grown in the remains of an Indian dinner.

The plumbing drains that are in use are usually clogged and overflowing with waste. In some extreme cases, there are cesspits overflowing into homes. Nine out of 10 workers were underfed, and we're guessing that the other one in 10 weren't suffering from obesity.

Chemicals are sprayed without protection for the workers, and their kids were working their butts off on some of the plantations. The children of the families often cycle in and out of the hospital, usually suffering from curable diseases that they don't have the resources to fight. If you're waiting for a joke in this paragraph, here it is: Knock knock. Who's there? Tea stained tragedy. Seven years old sounds young for a child to have a smartphone, but it isn't too young for them to start mining dangerous minerals to produce them. There are children right now doing the Cobalt Crush so that you can play Candy Crush.

Amnesty International / Afrewatch

Behold: the raw material that lets you rant on Facebook about today's kids being super lazy.

Cobalt is a key component used in producing lithium batteries, and child labor is a key component in retrieving it from the ground for big brands like Apple and Microsoft. An Amnesty International investigation traced the cobalt used by 16 multinationals to mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which used child labor. For your kids to be able to play Minecraft, it takes about 40,000 kids enduring literal minecraft.