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At the end of the race with 7 minutes left
« on: December 11, 2017, 07:27:47 am »
At the end of the race with 7 minutes left, the Texans still 10 points behind 21-31, it seems inevitable that a defeat, but Matt - Bobby to the close-end Owen - Daniels two long pass The 1-yr red touchdowns on Upper Erei-Foster narrowed the team to 3 points with 3 minutes and 30 seconds remaining. Xiao Bu in the last quarter 15 passes 9 times to complete Alexander Ovechkin Jersey. 2 minutes left in the game, the Chiefs attack to end the kick. Texans seize the opportunity Justin Peters Jersey, from the side of the 20 yards to the Chiefs 11 yards at the end, and finally from the right ankle sprained healed Johnson received the ball pass touchdowns reversed.

Vick made Hawks unusually sharp offensive this season, with a 799-yard pass, six passdowns, 187 yards of ground attack and one touchdowns. Victor won the National League's best offensive in September Player. Running Wei McCoy under his cover also has four touchdowns. Jackson and Macklin did not take over two yards on the yards last season so bright, but there are 6 touchdowns. The team can really accomplish such a result thanks to Vic excellent athletic ability, because the Hawks offensive line is really too bad.

49 teams came the news before the game, the game may be the last start of Smith, with psychological pressure to enter the state of Smith was delayed, he is a direct result of mistakes 3 conversion and a defensive back up to Array, until the fourth quarter, coach Singer at the sidelines after his scolding meal, this scene was captured by television and photojournalists Zach Sanford Jersey, Smith seems to be open, the second half of the fourth quarter after another touchdown Unfortunately, it was too late, 49 people finally defeated by 3 points, creating the team for the first time in 31 years five-game losing streak. Running back Frank - Gore in this pass-dominated game failed to play power Jonas Siegenthaler Jersey, but in the last minute ball touchdown time, the external hand Crabtree and Davis near-end with the help of Smith, then Ball distance is more than one hundred yards.