Author Topic: 50 vs 50 Is Back, With One Big Change For 'Fortnite: Battle Royale'  (Read 162 times)


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There was a surprise dip into Fortnite: Battle Royale this day: the limited time 50 vs 50 V2 style is back, and playable now. 50 vs 50 has always been among my favourite sport modes, and Epic's second iteration made some important modifications: each group now has their very own Battle Bus, as well as the final circle is visible on the map for the beginning. It makes for a single mad rush into a large-scale melee in the middle, and while the games finish in blowouts a bit more often than I would like, they are always a welcome break from the familiar rhythms of standard play. If you want to play with 50 vs. 50, simply select it in the modes menu.

Longtime Fortnite players -- or really just anyone who has been with Fortnite Items the match a couple of weeks now -- will probably see a big change for the game as a whole for this addition. I suspected it could happen when Epic shifted the "modes" menu to what it looks like today, but this marks the first time that we've got two limited time modes running simultaneously. Thanos is from the combination, and at this time, it's a little unclear how long he will stick around.

It is the correct move, in my view: restricted time manners are among the best things Forntite has going for it, and since improvements such as Thanos show, they are only getting better. And since there are obviously enough countless players to encourage matchmaking for five manners across four platforms, Epic does not actually lose anything by giving us a bit more flexibility regarding how we'd like to play with.

I suspect that operating 50 vs. 50 along with Thanos is giving us a little preview of how this is going to work ahead. Epic will keep iterating with new, more eccentric ideas along the lines of the Infinity Gauntlet style whilst simultaneously giving us a few of those trustworthy modes it's used previously: things such as Sniper Shootout, Blitz and Heavy Explosives that, while fun, actually only represent little tweaks to how the game functions. Running more than one at once allows the staff to push the boundaries a little bit more.

Meanwhile, I will be attempting to score volatile skills by firing aimlessly into the enemy horde.