Author Topic: Employ a dynamic punishment system for people who break ToS  (Read 176 times)


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Nexon is almost delightfully weak about penalizing players for when they violate the ToS from the game. For the last couple of years, up until very recently, they would even let understood dupers, exploiters, hackers, botters continue to play Maplestory2 Mesos with the sport through bogus second opportunities, if the players were even banned in the first location. We currently have a community which actually defends botters, and to some lesser extent dupers, and that I feel that is in most part because of Nexon's actions in the past. Its ok to bot, because you will not get banned, and even if you do you can find another chance pretty fast. Or at least that was the situation until only a few months ago.

The current community was taught that there is nothing wrong with breaking the ToS for your own private gain. That is why we had so many men and women misuse that the Bounty Hunter exploit years back. That's why there were numerous people abusing the Hunter's club exploit, the shiny east egg buff exploit, the codex stat exploit from last year etc.. . And it has gotten so bad that now Nexon is confronted with a distinct, larger problem. There are now numerous players who engage in the like that Nexon just cannot ban all of these from the game at the same time since it would be too large component of the population. That leaves Nexon with the horrible option of letting things like that slide or penalizing every player in the sport, which only reinforces the problem as it strengthens the notion from the community which dividing the ToS is ok.

And, frankly, this stems from the all or nothing approach that Nexon requires towards punishing players. And that's the core of the problem. Nexon should employ a lively punishment system where they can punish players relative to their own activities in the sport. No. Do players that participate in an exploit like the bounty hunter one deserve a ban? Maybe not if its their first offense. The following are ideas that I've about possible punishments for a variety of infractions.

Botting for amounts:Create their personality level 10 and lock them. If levels are so important to them, be sure they remain on the bottom of the ranks with that personality. For repeat offenders you can look at attacking the accounts.

Anything involving the Codex:Eliminate the codex from their inventories and worn gear. Does this imply they miss out on a free 30 percent IED in the leafre set, but it means that they also can no longer utilize familiars. Those Maplestory items players who exploited the buffer overflow glitch using the tap last year? They'd no longer be able to use a wolf underling or big spider recognizable while bossing if this was their punishment. That is a huge incentive to never partake in any tap involving the codex.