Author Topic: Tera remains a fun game to play  (Read 168 times)


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Tera remains a fun game to play
« on: May 30, 2018, 05:44:35 am »
For us, the decision is always quality over quantity, although we would like to get all versions of the game entirely in sync, every stage has its own distinct features, audience, and challenges, and we will need to approach each one individually.

In the console version especially, we've got a summer full of fresh content and events planned, so there should be no lack of things for console players to participate with Tera Gold. Denomme: Visit the skies! There is far more going on overhead than you believe.

En Masse Entertainment is hoping you're ready for a few pirate actions like Corsairs' Stronghold, a new PvP Battleground for Level 65 players, arrives today for Tera players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In Corsairs' Stronghold, two teams of 20 players will choice between attacking and defending the stronghold. As the attacking group, utilize airships, tanks, or struggle on foot to fight your way to the heart of the keep and ruin the crystal interior.

On protection, do everything in your power to prevent the oncoming siege! To celebrate the launch of this thrilling new battleground, all Tera games gamers will receive a free Pirate Eyepatch to their own in-game package post whenever they log into before May 15. So in the event that you've been away from the sport for a bit, now could be a fantastic moment to return.Corsairs' Stronghold is just the beginning of a month packed with complimentary events and content for Tera players on console that May. More player occasions and enormous content upgrades are coming hard and fast and -- like the sport itself, the updates are all completely free.

If you haven't attempted Tera on console yet, you may want to take a look at our overview of the game at launch, when we given it a 7.5 out of 10 because"Tera sadly shows its age in 2018. Notably the first content when beginning the buy xbox tera gold game out. That's a issue with the majority of MMORPGs when you pick them up years following launching, but Tera almost feels World of Warcraft levels of obsolete between the cartoonish character designs, UI, and outdated graphics. That is something of a shame. Because Tera remains a fun game to play."