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Storage of Concrete Mixer Machine With Lift
« on: May 11, 2016, 01:42:29 am »
Due to the concrete mixer machine has a certain periodicity in production, if the concrete mixer machine with lift will not be used for a long time in the later stage of construction projects, we suggests that concrete mixer uses need pay attention to the cycle storage method of concrete mixer machine with lift and properly place concrete mixer so as not to affect the next using.

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As for the concrete mixer resettlement, DASWELL Machinery Co. concrete mixing and batching plant, Ltd lists some advices for your use:

1, Concrete mixer users must ensure that the operating devices of concrete mixer come back in positions. Store the concrete mixer with each control device to be safely used.

2 SICOMA planetary mixer, Before storing the concrete mixer, concrete mixer users are advised to conduct a comprehensive and orderly check to concrete mixer. Timely remove failures and risks so as to avoid causing more troubles for concrete mixer in the long time storage.

3, Before placing the concrete mixer equipment, firstly concrete mixer users should prepare for a place to lay concrete mixer. Avoid placing concrete mixer equipment in outdoors and some other wet areas so as to avoid concrete mixer being damaged. The ground that stores concrete mixer should be flat. There should be enough space around the concrete mixer equipment planetary centrifugal mixer, which will provide convenience to the next using of concrete mixer equipment.

4, Maintain the engine of concrete mixer in advance. Drain off the water in the engine that is used for cooling engine. Charge diesel into the inside of the tank to ensure the internal safety and prevent rust and corrosion. Concrete mixer users need ensure that the engine parts are intact. Regularly maintain and test concrete mixer, so that timely detect the running status of concrete mixer.