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What Is The Best Wing Design For A Jet Fighter Aircraft
« on: June 22, 2018, 03:39:37 am »
I would like to find out what is the best wing configuration for a Jet Fighter Aircraft. We will look at the first Jet Fighters that were used during WW2 and just after the conflict was over. In 1950 during the Korean Conflict we will discuss the first Jet Fighter Aircraft used in this conflict to see which wing configuration that was found to work the best during combat.

The first Allied Jet Fighter Aircraft had twin turbine engines and a straight set of Wings Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. The engines are mounted on the wingtips. The Gloster Meteor was introduced into combat by the RAF. They were not very impressed with its performance the Gloster Meteor Jet Fighter Aircraft performed just like a piston driven fighter above 15000 Feet, but in the heaver atmosphere of below 8000 feet its performance was superior to the piston driven fighter aircraft Best Selling Cigarettes, so the RAF put restriction on its use in combat. This combined with speed restrictions made this Aircraft all but invisible in most air war documentaries, although the Meteors where a much more reliable Jet Fighter Aircraft than the ME 262.

In 1945 the First American Jet Fighter Aircraft was introduced it was named the Lockheed F80 shooting Star, with a Navy variant designated P40. This Jet was the first to have its Turbofan engine integrated into the Fuselage of the plane. The wings where straight set low on the fuselage, with a place for fuel tanks at the end of the wings. Although this plane was designed in an unbelievable 143 days at the skunk works it was expensive in the terms of lives lost during its air trials Cheapest Cigarettes In Usa. There were problems with engines, weight, Turbo fans fracturing and fuel pumps not working properly.

When war broke out in Korea after the first few Air encounters with swept wing Mig 15s Cheap Cigarettes Near Me, it was soon apparent that the Mig 15 outclassed the straight wing f80. The air commander assigned the f 80 shooting star to ground support rolls, while the swept wing f 86 took over the air superiority roll, because its swept wing design made it more maneuverable in dog fighting with the opposing jet fighter Aircraft with the same wing configuration.

The fact that the Swept wing Jet Fighter Aircraft looks faster than the straight winged fighters is only part of the story. The swept wing design goes back to Germany before the WWll they did the wind tunnel tests to prove their theory that swept wing jet fighter aircraft eliminates the turbulence caused as the speed of the aircraft increases, whereas at low speeds such as with piston driven fighter planes this problem was not noticed except in high speed dives.

After doing all the research on the subject of Straight wing jet fighter aircraft versus swept wing jet fighter aircraft, I have come to the conclusion that the Jet Fighter Aircraft with swept wings are more maneuverable in dog fighting. The swept wing design reduces drag and makes high speed subsonic flight more efficient Order Cigarettes Online.
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