Author Topic: TOTS La Liga Santander is Out  (Read 120 times)


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TOTS La Liga Santander is Out
« on: July 08, 2018, 10:38:50 pm »

We're Taking a Look at large names in this TOTS CR7, Messi and Suarez FIFA 19 Coins . All great but quite expensive players, which will be very interesting for the folks that are having a ton of coins to improve their teams with. This TOTS is a superb oppurtunity for it. Thats why in the coming Weekend Leagues we shall probably find some big adjustments for some PRO players. In their Ultimate Team Squad.

Additionally EA has fallen a Guaranteed SBC, which made the TOTS prices move up in costs tremendously up to 70k, from 30k with the community TOTS. Additionally 83 LaLiga cards, regular 84 cards they are above their ordinary price. Fundamentally its interesting for a whole lot of players, Traders, but also pro- players.

Through this TOTS more aerodynamic rounds, SBC's etc will get lost FIFA Hot topic . Plus it'll hype it up a whole lot longer!

Make sure, you consistently perform the Guaranteed SBC's in case you got the chance to. Since you will almost surely receive the cash spent. Back in the worth of this participant. And you're going to have a chance on getting a much larger card. With may be a great adding for your team. Or a super- sub.

Recently EA also dropped the Guaranteed BPL TOTS packs. Which Includes a TOTS from the BPL. Prices of conventional TOTS cards and 83 rated players moved up in price massively. And investors made a very good amount of money on this! This is due to the fact its very easy to package a rather good BPL TOTS to use on your team!