Author Topic: News of accidents of escalators come to our eyes frequently  (Read 1283 times)


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News of accidents of escalators come to our eyes frequently
« on: October 19, 2016, 02:15:47 am »
Recently, news of accidents of escalators come to our eyes frequently. If lucky, riders may injuried slightly. For those who are not lucky ones, they may even their lives in an escalator accident. Therefore, how to ride safely and avoid injury has become a world-wide hot topic. If you are concerned about how you and your children can ride escalators safely, read on for Fuji Lift four important escalator safety tips.

Escalator entrapment often happens when the moving step meets the side rail. In order to stay safe, be sure to saty away from the sides of the escalator and towards the center of the step. And if take a child, rather than next to you, you’d better let your child ride in front of you to guarantee both of you are stay in the center of the step.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has made a survey, and pointed out that shoe entrapment caused great majority of escalator riding accidents, and soft-sided shoes like clogs and slides may increase the risk of being entrapped. When shopping, it advisable to wear a sturdy pair of shoes. Besides, it is necessary to make sure that your and your children’s laces are well tied before riding a escalator if you wear tennis shoes.

You may see fun and exciting things when you on escalator, but, do remember, never play or sit on the escalator. As well, never allows your children do that. Playing on escalator not only makes yourself in danger, but also makes passagers who beside you in danger.

We all know, all eacalators have an emergency shut off button. In practical, knowing where it is located is essential. The next time you ride an escalator, make sure you look to see where this button is located should entrapment ever occur when you're around.

You will suffer a lot not only in body but also in mentality once injuried in an escalator accident. So it is important to practice safe riding skills and teach them to your children to keep yourself in safe when riding a escalator from right Escalator Manufacturer .



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