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Is it something outside of our body s awareness
« on: July 28, 2018, 05:31:08 am »
Quantum intelligence is about communicating with the Divine Source! The Divine Source , goes without saying, is infinite. Quantum Intelligence is the thinking stuff that fills the inner spaces of the universe. When wearing a stone pendant that has been infused by this machine called a Quantum Generator, hundreds of test have shown that the body s voltage actual will increase by a factor of 2 to 10 times or more! In this article I am going to examine some things about the nature of this increase of voltage and how it effects our communication.

First of all just what is communication? Is it something outside of our body s awareness or inside or both? I suppose it s a safe bet to say communication is an all encompassing thing. Sometimes our verbal communications really stinks and other times we are as clear as a bell and know exactly what to say and when to say it. So what about our body s communication? When a man and woman are making love their bodies are definitely communicating with one another. What about professional athletes?

Professional athletes strive to obtain a higher body voltage because they know that what comes with that higher frequency is better performance. When athletes are at the top of their game , so to speak, they call it being in the groove or in the zone . Obviously their communication with their intuition has altered to a much higher degree when they are in this energy zone. For example when watching a professional basketball game , especially when the stakes are high as in a championship game, everyone on the court is in a high state of awareness of their body s movement through space. If the player had to think about what he was going to do to get the ball in the hoop he has probably already lost the game.

Do you suppose that quantum intelligence is an accurate description of what could be happening when athletes step into this intuitive Zone? Quantum is defined as a quantity or amount or a specified portion . In physics it is The smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently, especially a discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation. The words origin is way back in the year 1619, one s share or portion or quantus meaning how great . As an adjective it means, sudden and significant: a quantum increase in productivity.

Over the last century quantum has been used in different ways by scientists to describe things like , Einstein and Quantum Theory, and other scientists referred to it as quantum mechanics, quantum jump and quantum leap. What about the word intelligence? Its origin gives us the best information, to understand, comprehend . By bringing quantum intelligence together and distill its meaning to be , Suddenly no matter how small or how great it is comprehended .

So... What do you suppose quantum intelligence has to do with suddenly increasing your frequency when wearing a pendant that is infused utilizing the Quantum Generator Technology? Well... Wearing one does have this ability to increase your body and minds awareness instantly. The research has shown that most people feel this shift of awareness without any difficulty but some do not. Those who do not, have a tendency to be stuck in their intellect and less in their intuition. It is very much like the basketball player thinking about how he is going to get the ball in the hoop. He has already lost the game.
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Gary Hunsicker is a Classical Feng Shui Consultant and sometimes teaches Qigong. Feng Shui and Qigong are all about energy. The Quantum Generator Technology and the website http:GalacticTransformer are all about enhancing ones personal energy. Click on the link and visit the website.

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CANBERRA, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- Australia's Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has on Thursday welcomed fresh statistics which show full-time employment in Australia has increased for the 11th straight month, something she attributed to the government's ""comprehensive economic plan"".

On Thursday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released its latest employment data , showing that a further 22,000 gained full-time employment in August, while a further 6,000 people gained part-time employment.

According to ABS's chief economist, Bruce Hockman , an increase in full-time jobs had been the strongest proponent behind overall employment growth over the last year.

""Full-time employment has now increased by around 253,000 persons since August 2016, and makes up the majority of the 307,000-person increase in employment over the period,"" Hockman said in a statement on Thursday.

In a separate media release , also published on Thursday, Michaelia Cash said that employment remains at record high levels.

""ABS Labour force figures for August show employment has increased for the eleventh consecutive month, demonstrating the underlying strength in the labour market and highlighting the success of the (federal) government's comprehensive economic plan,"" Cash said.

But while the government has been quick to laud the release of the statistics, Hockman said underemployment remained at ""historically high"" levels for the third-consecutive quarter.

""The underemployment rate is an important indicator of the spare capacity of workers in Australia , and it has remained at 8.7 percent, a historical high, for the third consecutive quarter,"" Hockman said.

The ABS release also showed that employment levels for both male and female workers were at record highs, with female employment increasing by 146 ,800 since the start of the year - something the government said was the largest increase in the first eight months of a calendar year on record.

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