Author Topic: Actually sharks are rare to see in most places in the world  (Read 139 times)


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Scuba Dive
Have you ever been scuba diving or snorkelling in a blue sea of corals? A giant turtle passes you. A shoal of brightly coloured parrot fish that seem to have no fear of human presence surrounds you and nibbles at your wetsuit in curiosity. You try to touch the shoal and the fish simultaneously disperse in an orchestral fanfare of rainbow colours that glisten in the rays of sunlight that stream through from the surface. Then Alex Tuch Jersey , if you are lucky, there are sharks?

Swim with the fishes? The sharks here are friendly
Actually sharks are rare to see in most places in the world Nate Schmidt Jersey , but one thing is quite certain, if you are lucky enough to see one Jonathan Marchessault Jersey , then chances are you will never forget it !! Phuket has a number of differebt species of sharkes that are commonally seen on day trips, the most common being leopard sharks Brad Hunt Jersey , bamboo sharks and black and white tip reef sharks. What would you do if you encountered a 10m whale shark ?

Even the very experienced divers never cease to be amazed at the wonders that lurk beneath sea. Indeed, the temptation of living and diving by the sea and becoming a diving instructor is very real dream for some. So what does it take to become a diving instructor? PADI Course Director Chris Owen William Karlsson Jersey , the Thailand scuba diving specialist and PADI IDC Course Director can point you in the right direction.

Whether you are only interested in becoming an instructor or you have mapped out your vacations for the sole purpose of recreational and PADI courses, PADI IDC Thailand and in particular schools like PADI Course Director Chris Owen?s Indepth Instruction diversify across the board for all. Introductory snorkelling and scuba diving for beginners David Perron Jersey , children?s courses to include the whole family and not to mention the PADI Underwater Digital Photography Courses are available to suit all your needs.

Dive Master to Instructor
PADI IDC courses are globally recognized; and a ten day plus IDC course will certainly put you on the right track to becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI).
Participate in the workshops, training sessions and enjoying a team spirit with PADI IDC classes of up to ten students whilst utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Different pool depths and other facilities are also available to aid you in training or fine tuning your dive skills whilst preparing you for open water adventures and beyond. Some of the extra workshops available are Ascents & Descents Luca Sbisa Jersey , Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA) pool and open water. Student Control is managed both under water and at the surface and Pocket Mask use is taught. All logistics are taken care of whilst participating in the courses. From airport pickup, accommodation to even being there for you when taking your PADI Instructor Examination (IE).

100% Pass Guarantee
PADI Course Director Chris Owen has virtually guaranteed your passing the Instructor Examination (IE) after taking his course. He says Oscar Dansk Jersey , if you don?t pass he will not only hand you a free IDC course the following time but will also pay your PADI Instructor Exam fees too!
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