Author Topic: Forex Trading is a Rich Quick Way  (Read 33 times)


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Forex Trading is a Rich Quick Way
« on: January 19, 2019, 03:04:25 pm »
From the myth of rich quick to the use of trading robots, here are the kinds of expectations vs. reality of forex trading that are interesting to watch out for.
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What is the first motivation to get you into the world of forex trading? Big profits in a short time? Can you make money just by relaxing at home? Become a billionaire in the easiest way? Having expectations is not wrong, provided you realize the reality behind it all. For this reason, this article will reveal what are the expectations and reality that are common in the world of forex trading, to help you develop realistic expectations in navigating the forex market as a retail trader.
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1. Forex Trading is a Rich Quick Way
When you first try forex trading, you may hear a lot of bombastic offers. Can get $ 10,000 per month, get rich only with capital of $ 1, are sentences that are commonly used to attract beginner traders. What's more, such offers are very "facilitated" by the ease of retail trading today, such as waiving opening accounts with only $ 1, bonuses without deposits, high leverage, and much more.
Unfortunately, forex products and services offered with bombastic promotions usually end in scam. Instead of getting $ 10,000 per month as expected, your capital just doesn't run out.