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Oil painting is the best, but the hardest medium to work with. But don?t be afraid of it. It?s an amazing medium. Very sensual and versatile. Once you get a feel for its characteristics, you will be able to get the most out of it and discover how wonderful it really is.

So Wholesale Philadelphia Flyers Jersey , it?s important to understand that you should enjoy the process of oil painting instead of just the final result. Oil painting requires a lot of patience. Which brings up the point of don?t be so worried about what it looks like at the early stages.

A good oil painting will look like crap until it?s about 65 75 finished. The painting needs to be built up on many semi transparent layers of paint and brush strokes. Good, simple oil paintings can take 6 8 weeks and the really good ones up to 8 months to finish.

Part of the reason for this is that there has to be a fair amount of paint on the canvas as well as a good variety of color values, and properly placed color values to get a good sense of depth. So relax, because it?s impossible to get to that stage quickly, but it is worth all the effort!

Another important point is that the desire within you to paint is there for a reason. So chances are that you?re pretty good or even amazing at it. I would also suggest allowing yourself to be guided when you paint. Some pretty cool stuff happens when you?re in that frame of mind and not trying to control the process. Go with your gut and don?t over think it.
I can understand the fear most people have about oil painting because I put it off for 20 years. I have been kicking myself for waiting so long, so don?t make that mistake.

It?s also vital to understand that you are painting for yourself first and only. Paint your vision and enjoy it. There are so many people in this world with different tastes that it?s impossible to have all of them like your work. So if a bunch of people could care less about your painting Wholesale Ottawa Senators Jersey , its no big deal. Try not to replicate other commercial paintings you see. Paint YOUR vision because it?s going to be the only way you get to discover your greatness.

I also believe that there is an audience for every artist and all you have to do is find each other, and you do that by painting your visions of what?s true to you and then getting your work out there. You will find your audience and they will find their artist, and that?s a cool ride.

Also know that it?s impossible to make a mistake in oil painting. Every brush stroke is additive towards the end result in some way, shape or form. But if you really think you blundered something, then you can simply wipe the paint off, if it?s still wet and the layers under neath are dry. You can also wait till that part dry and simply paint over it. I do this quite a bit Wholesale New York Rangers Jersey , that?s just part of the process of oil painting and discovering what works and what does not, so it?s all good.

Don?t be afraid to oil paint, don?t give up, and be true to your visions. You are the artist and you have your own voice to share.

  A Yutong bus runs on a road in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Jan. 5 Wholesale New York Islanders Jersey , 2018. Well-equipped with high-tech and air-cons, Chinese Yutong's "smart" buses have brought a safe and comfortable riding choice to passengers in Phnom Penh. (XinhuaSovannara)

PHNOM PENH, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) -- Well-equipped with high-tech and air-cons, Chinese Yutong's 'smart' buses have brought a safe and comfortable riding choice to passengers in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.

Donated by the Chinese government in July 2017, 98 buses have been used to serve passengers on five out of the eight main lines in the city Wholesale New Jersey Devils Jersey , and have attracted hundreds of thousands of passengers each month.


Yutong's sales manager for Asia & Pacific Division Jiang Lin said the buses, designed based on the actual conditions of Phnom Penh, had been equipped with intelligent management system and air-cons, and they were capable of carrying 80 passengers each, including 35 seating and 45 standing.

""Phnom Penh experiences both wet and dry seasons with a hot climate Wholesale Nashville Predators Jersey , so the buses were manufactured according to these local conditions like wet and high temperature,"" he told Xinhua.

Jiang said the buses were helpful for Phnom Penh to build a complete public transport system, to alleviate traffic congestion and provide the public with comfortable riding experience.

""The buses have won the praise from the Phnom Penh government and the public because of high quality, comfort and excellent-after-sale service,"" he said.

Through Yutong intelligent city bus system, the Phnom Penh City Bus Authority (CBA) could monitor the real-time condition of the 98 buses via a computer or a smart phone Wholesale Montreal Canadiens Jersey , he said, adding that the intelligent system has more than 20 functions, such as analysis report on energy saving potential, oil monitoring, multi-dimension statistics of faults, supplement record statistics Wholesale Minnesota Wild Jersey , monthly maintenance schedule of vehicles, and overview of energy consumption.

""This intelligent system will help Phnom Penh to build a modern city bus transport system,"" he said, adding that Yutong will provide more engineers and technical support to the CBA so that it can build the ""smart"" bus control center in 2018.

""Undoubtedly, the China-made buses will be more and more popular among Cambodian people and help Phnom Penh transport system develop rapidly,"" he said.


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